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An employee at the sandy Oregon Taco Bell franchise was very disrespectful. He name is Elizabeth lee or Elizabeth smith. Her and I have had past problems due to personal matters but today on April 5th 2018 my boyfriend and I were at the drive threw and we ordered our food. We get up to the window and she starts interagating me and my boyfriend. I minded my own business but she continued. She threading to spit in our food. I asked to talk to the manager and he didn't do anything about the situation. He did not offer us free food or money back.

Apr 05, 2018
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  • Ni
      Apr 05, 2018

    Lol, well I feel bad I don't know why I typed this. My boyfriend told me to. You see Elizabeth Smith/lee whatever her last name is was my boyfriend's ex girlfriend. My boyfriend now hates her because she falsely accused him of beating her up or so he says. I don't know because he has hit me as well. But he told me to post this and make it up. I asked why I had to do it and not him he said so if she sues he it will trace to me. I said that then he should do it. He said do not worry she will most likely not know who got her fired. That she deserved it for lying about him beating her. I dont know who i lying, her or him because he has hit me as well. I sort of wrote this because I was afraid he would slap me if I did not. Anyways she did not spit in our food. My boyfriend told me to say she did. Also he wanted free food because we ordered so much and he die not have enough to pay because his stupid mother did not give him an allowence and wants him to get a job and move out of her house.

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