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Burlington, VT, United States Review updated:

on octorber 24th...i purchased t mobil's 750 minutes famiy plan with 3 lines on line, one for my husband, one for myself and one for our 2 children for

emergency. i set up to cancel with at&t service on tuesday. since i made an order late on friday night, t mobile said i would receive
the package on tuesday. but the package arrived on monday when nobody was home.
so i had to make an after hour pick at ups(9pm). i could have been home waiting for package if
i was told the package could arrive on monday. then i spent one hour on the phone setting up my account
and activating service on all 3 phones. i though t mobile sales rep i talked to was wonderful, so helpful and patient.
i enjoyed their service for 1 day and a half.
then midday on wednesday, out of nowhere, t mobile cancelled my service.

t mobile said they cancelled my service for "security reason". since t mobile doesn't have store in my state, they told me to go to radio shack to fax my

front and back of my social security card and my driver icense to them. but like most people, i memorized my ss# and have no idea where my social security

card is. and what ss card can really verify? i thought the best identification is passport.

so i had to take the rest of my work day off to go do what t mobile told me to do. i went to social security office to get new card but it would take 10

days go get the actual new card in the mail, so the officer issued me a temporary one. i then ran to radio shack on the other side of the town, faxed it.
i called them an hour later to check up but it took me 4 tries (repeat same story 4 times) to get to talk to someone who wouldn't transfer me further to

someone else. they said the document i faxed wasn't good enough. i think her name was racheal, told me she couldn't halp me. she said i should send the

phones back and go get service from other phone carrier. way to go t mobie!!

that evening i told friend who recommended me to get t mobile service couldn't believe my story, called t mobile to complain. thier customer service told

him that if i go to thier certified retail store (the same radio shack across the town) right now, they would turn it back on. which i did run there for the

second time, faxed it again just to get the same answer half an hour later. i also found out that t mobile had to do the same thing to few other customers

and employees at this radio shack not only have to fax but also have to write cover letters for t mobile.

t mobile refused any kind of help or turning the service back on untill i get my actual ss card or at least offer me the reason of cancelation. instead,
i have to get at&t's one month prepaid service for my iphone i originally have. (shoud have stick with at&t and iphone insead of taking friend's suggestion

to switch to t mobile and wanting to try sumsung which tuened out to be quite annoying with gmail thing)
imagining yourself, your new phone got cancelled for no reason known right after you have emailed and texted family
members and friends and all your contacts your new phone number. how messy your life becomes!

i am very angry and still angry. i called again wanting to return the phone and get my money back.
i was charged $335 for 2 phones and 2 added lines at $50 each, taxes and shippng. there also $35 activation fee each line and montly service of $170 instead

of misleadingly advertised $139.99 a month)
t mobile said i would get money back only if i return these phones in the same new condition. i purchased these phone
with an intention of using it for 2 years and more, i played around with the phone, downloaded some
stuffs in it and got myself locked out of one of (the stupid) sumsung screen by accident (like so many people did).

they are not in the same new condition and at this point, i don't trust anything t mobile said. i believe
they will find all kinds of reasons not to refund me the full amount of money i paid.

it has been only 7 business days or 9 days since this happened. i will update what happen next after i receive my ss card and call t mobile.
t mobile could have ask for these "extra proof" before setting up account or be more civil in dealing with(new)customer than just cut them off and left them high and dry. could t mobile be more lame. boo!!

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  • Gm
      Sep 02, 2011

    Hey, after visiting a T-Mobile Store my phone was cloned and international calls were made. Maybe someone in the store is involved in the scam. T-Mobile refused to investigate and, since, has charged me for everything but the kitchen sink. Don't use T-Mobile and if they merge with AT&T, don't use AT&T.

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  • Ve
      Jan 05, 2012

    Well, it's January 2012 and the situation with T-Mobile only gets worse... Not only they cancelled the Web DayPass, they disabled all their prepaid cards in the stores, so stores like K-Mart and Staples couldn't even activate purchased cards at the cash register... Online vendors also stopped selling T-Mobile prepaid cards because (quoting) "T-Mobile wants all purchases to be made directly through them now."

    Now... if you combine the fact that you can only purchase from T-Mobile by giving them your CREDIT CARD details with the above, you will quickly understand that they are preying on the weak... It's the familiar trick of "I am going to charge you automatically unless you waste time and other resources to complain and/or go after me".

    In short, I am staying away from T-Mobile.

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