Swarovski / no money refund although no fit

Albufeira, Portugal

My husband got me a ring for our 1st wedding anniversary from our local Swarovski Store in the Algarve Shopping Centre in Portugal (EU). Unfortunately the ring did not fit and there were no any other rings that would fit. I contacted the customer service and they informed they do not make bigger rings, not even as a request at the factory. As it was our first wedding anniversary I wanted a ring and nothing else BUT Swarovski has a NO MONEY REFUND policy, they will not make an exception. I made an official complaint by Swarovski, I also made a complaint by the Portuguese cunsumer protection but there is nothing that could be done. So here I am with no ring and no money back. I never ever got some kind of apology email or whatever, nothing. They are very infexible.

Jan 7, 2015

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