Superstore / Service

Ive been a loyal shopper of superstore chilliwack for over a decade i got off work from the barbershop and went into superstore to grab sum salad for dinner there was a female east Indian security guard she was eyeing me up and gave me a dirty look wen i walked in the entrance i was not impressed and felt discriminated against because of my pink n black hair and tattoos i was dressed nicely, , on my way out after going through self check out that same brownn security girl guard stopped me she was rude humiliated me in front of everyone i looked at her and said omg are you serious ?!? I said why me its my hair and tattoes i told her im no skid and im not broke and she discriminated against me because of my looks that would be like me acusing her of being a terrorist cuz shes brown!!! Im seriously pissed off as a loyal consumer ive spent thousands of dollars over the past decade in your store and this has left a very bad taste in my mouth in reguards to me wanting to continue to shop in your store ever again

Nov 27, 2016

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