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Walked in and asked for a haircut by a specific name, and apparently she wasn't there anymore. The woman who approached me, her name was Maria, was very rude right off the bat, when I asked for the specific name, she interrupts me and says "not here". Very rudely, and then gentleman came in for a different stylist, and right as I was to ask for a haircut, I got ignored until I walked out the door, even with me staring at Maria awkwardly trying to get her aknowlage me. Even making eye contact with me, she continued to ignore me till I left. I was planning on spending money there no matter what, because I needed my leave in conditioner, but after her sour [censor] attitude and blatantly ignoring me till I left, told me I didn't need to be spending my money there, ever again! Worst part is my husband used to go there every two weeks for a haircut, not anymore!!
I'm not one to ask for somebody to lose their job, but this woman should not be in the industry she's working. That was the worst example of how you treat a customer, and I work in customer services. I guess trying to talk to someone who wasn't even coming in to spend money, nor see her, is more important than trying to make a client happy.

Jun 08, 2017

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