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I went in to supercuts in Merritt island Florida and the guy that greeted us was very pleasant. I showed him a picture of what I wanted for my 6 year old daughters hair.he said okay and put her in his chair. I requested specifically for him to make it all one length up to her chin, long layers, and inverted. Her hair is thin and I was very very specific. He parted her hair and cut off about 4 or 5 inches at the bottom which would be underneath her longer hair. Then, he cut the hair that was going to be on top of it about an inch longer. He basically butchered her hair. It was uneven, one side was longer, the underneath was way shorter, and...he didn't even cut it to her chin. For layers, he used thinning shears at the very end. Which is not what I wanted. At the end, I even questioned the the shorter hair underneath and he said he meant to do it that way. He didn't offer to fix it or try and make me feel better about it at all. He never once told me his name and I didn't get a receipt. I paid for the hair cut and we left. When we left, my 6 year old cried because she said it looked horrible. I had to take her to great clips in Rockledge to get it fixed. Like I said, I dont know his name, but he was the tall blonde guy in the very back on the right side in the merritt island florida location. I am really really upset by this and I will not be going back or recommending this location to anyone.

Jun 14, 2017
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  • Pi
      Jun 26, 2017

    "I requested specifically for him to make it all one length up to her chin, long layers, and inverted."

    How in the world can your hair be all one length and layered? Unless you mean you want the length to be one length, but you wanted it inverted. No wonder why it ended up like that, i cant even picture that haircut in my head, because what you asked for is impossible!! Whats the point in bringing a picture if youre gonna ask for an impossible haircut? And on a 6 year old!! And how can it be inverted and still chin length unless the back is shorter??
    Id love to see the pic you showed the stylist.
    Thanks for the laugh!!

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