Super 8 Worldwideunauthorized charges on my card

Homeless with an infant I checked into the super 8, I have only a part time job. I booked the room for 2 nights on line. When I arrived the fee was 20 dollars more a night then quoted on line. But I had no other choice. From November 20- December 9, I have paid well over 1, 200.00$. Had to be moved because of noise from neighboring rooms, the fridge in our room wasn't working however I didn't realize until the next day, the babies milk spoiled as the rest of her food! Front desk said here's a key to another room u can move again or switch out the fridge!!! It was much easier for me to switch the fridge! The halls and stair ways are covered in chunks of mud and empty beer bottles and cans. the washing machines are full of mud n god knows what else, Which cost 4$ a load, to wash my babies clothes in mud and then take them back to the room to hang dry cause the dryers didn't get them dry either! N now the best part on the 5th they charged me $90.00 for chocolate milk on a set of sheets, mind u they have never cleaned my room once, which I went to the front desk and they said they reversed the charge but I haven't got that money back on my card yet n then the front desk contacted me on the night of the 8th said I owed 176.00$ So for over an hour we discussed the situation and came up with a payment schedule with my paydays. Then I woke up on the 9th to the cops telling me I have to leave and the front desk saying I now owe $399.56!! So I returned to the front desk with one of the officers 👮‍♀️ and signed a payment agreement to pay them 150.$ on the 12 th and 249.$ on the 20 th now Today is the 10 th and I just got a notification from my pay card that super8 billed my card $478.29 which has over drawn my account n now I have a fee for overdraft!!! I'm still homeless and now my children will have no Christmas either! Thanks super 8 ...

Dec 10, 2018

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