Super 8 Worldwide / bed bugs, filthy rooms

Chattanooga, TN, United States

I do will not recommend anyone to stay at Super 8 because it is the most filthiest place ever. When me, my boyfriend and 1 year old daughter arrived at the hotel, they put us in a smoking room. From my understanding, I thought all hotels nowadays don't allow anybody to smoke in neither of the rooms. However, this hotel does. Anyways, when me and my family got in the smoking room, we automatically requested to be in a nonsmoking room. They finally let us move into another, however, this room was clean but I smelled like a wet animal had been in the room along with stains on the comforters and the carpet going towards the bathroom was destroyed. We complained about getting a refund but they wouldn't refund us our money so they moved us to another room on the other side of the hotel. This room wa better until we discovered that the tub was not clean and the bed had bed bugs. Late early morning (5:55) My boyfriend got bit up all throughout the night by the bugs not knowing what it was biting him. we contacted front desk to speak w/ a manager about the issue but couldn't talk to a manager until 9am. So with that being said, the place is a mess and filthy

Jun 19, 2017

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