Super 8 Midwest city, okowner/management

M Nov 15, 2017

The owner/manager is rude and belligerent when it comes to talking to employees and customers. He doesn't know how to test p people. He thinks that he can charge the customers what t ever he wants and can get away with it. This past weekend he was charging 80 per room just because he had business and was booked to capacity. He was renting rooms that were suppose to be it of order but still took paying customers money. He is not working up to Super 8 code. He fits what he has to do just to get by. Working conditions are deplorable. We don't always have the supplies that we need but he expected me to wait until the end of the day to have to spend an extra hour going back to put towels in the rooms that didn't have any. He is a horrible boss to work for and I don't recommend anybody work for him let alone stay at that hotel. He prices gouges big time and the rooms are not worth the money.

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