Sunwing Travel Groupstolen items

I am writing this complaint on behalf of a friend of mine, Isabella McVean Cary, who became a widow a few months ago and certainly did not need this extra stress put on her.

She went to Club Amigo in Cuba, May 5 to May 12, 2017. Booking #[protected]
On the Saturday evening she was sitting in the main lobby and had to use the washroom. She left her umbrella and hairband on her table and a few minutes later when she got back they were gone.
On May 12th, she turned her luggage which contained her cell phone over to the person who has the key for the luggage room as she had to be out of the room for the new arrivals.
When she returned home at 3:00 am Saturday, she decided to check her cell phone. When she opened her case, the phone was gone.

Since Sunwing uses this property, it needs to speak to the property management about this issue to screen their employees better.

What should have been a week to regroup for my friend instead became an upsetting holiday.

Linda Scioscia

May 18, 2017

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