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Complaints & Reviews

horrible service and delayed flight

Here is the letter I sent to Sunwing which details are horrible experience with them, I have not received a response from them:

"Dear Sunwing Customer Service,

I would like to share with you the experience that my husband and I had on December 19th, 2010 flying with Sunwing. We were scheduled on a flight at leave Toronto International Airport at 7:30am. We were flying to Fort Lauderdale to go on a 7 day cruise leaving the port at 6:00pm. This option gave us plenty of time to get there, so we thought. We arrived at the airport at 5:00am to give us a good 2.5 hours to get settled. When we first got into line to check in a lady came by to inform us that the flight would be delayed to 12:00pm due to mechanical issues. Of course we were upset but understood that these things happen and figured that we would still take the flight at 12:00pm and get to Fort Lauderdale in-time to catch our cruise.

We continue on through customs and arrive at the gate where we are waiting around for a our flight. Around 10:00am a passenger comes to the gate and tells us as well as others on the flight that she just checked into the flight and that it’s been further delayed until 2:00 or 3:00pm. We didn’t take her word for it as we figured if the flight was further delayed that Sunwing would have the decency to either update it on the flight board and/or have a Sunwing representative come to the gate desk and let us know. Neither was done. At this point people were getting stressed and nervous as they didn’t know what to believe. Most of the people on the flight were cruising so everyone was getting very anxious. Finally, at close to 11:00am the Sunwing representatives came to the desk and announced that the flight is delayed until 3:00pm. What was so upsetting about this is that Sunwing had known for a good hour that the flight was going to be further delayed (as they were telling the newest people checking in), but they didn’t have the decency to let the entire flight who had been sitting around since 5:00am know this information.

At this point we realize we are going to miss our cruise. We look into other flights, however since Sunwing waited so long to let us know about the delay, all of the possible alternative flights to Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas are full, as well I would have to dish out approx. $2000 dollars if there was room on another flight. The Sunwing representative says he is going to deal with people in 3 groups; 1st- people who are going on cruises without a Sunwing package, 2nd-people going on a cruise with Sunwing package and 3rd – people just flying to Fort Lauderdale. We fell into category 1 and when I went with him to discuss my options he basically said that I didn’t have any as Sunwing didn’t have weekday flights to San Juan (the first port destination) during the week. When I asked him what my Sunwing Cancellation Policy covered that I had purchased when I booked the flight he had no idea. So at that point I called Sunwing offices to speak to someone but they were closed! The flight finally left at around 3pm, we landed in Fort Lauderdale just after 6:00pm and to make matters worse as we landed we could see our cruise ship leaving without us out of the port. We had notified them that we would be late, but they can’t wait of course.

We then had to find accommodations in Fort Lauderdale, book a new flight from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan for the next day as well as a hotel in San Juan Monday night. We missed 2.5 days of our 7 day vacation. We understand delays happen but this was handled horribly and the theme of our vacation (as well as others we met that missed their cruise) was that Sunwing ruined our first vacation that we have taken in the last five years. I have never been so disappointed with an airline and with the lack of compassion and customer service that was demonstrated. I would appreciate if someone from Sunwing would acknowledge my complaint and either contact me back my phone or email. I have not posted my horrible experience anywhere else yet as I thought it wouldn’t be fair to do that until I contacted Sunwing first and see how you handle issues like this.

Looking forward to hearing from someone very shortly."

  • Cm
    cmc1980 May 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We went for our honeymoon just on May 10 2011 and well lets say I booked my seats and paid an extra 30 per person and when we got there to check in they didnt have seats for us even though I had a e-ticket that said seats 6A and 6B. We demanded seats as it was our honeymoon and my very first time on an airplane and after waiting for 10 mins and embrassed we finally got seats together. So we arrive at to our hotel and come to find that the room we paid for and paid quite a price for was not the view we had requested. We got gardenview instead of Ocean view. We had been back and forth with the hotel the travel agent and then sunwing rep who qouted "your happiness is my happiness". So after 4 day which is more then half our honeymoon spending on email and walking back and forth we gave up on as it seemed they gave up on us. What a way to spend our honeymoon.

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  • Sh
    Shimmi 77 Aug 04, 2011

    Sunwing is the worst ever, not only the company itself is horrible but all the people that work there are stupid, I was suppose to fly to Vegas from Toronto at 6:45am I get there at 4:50am to line up, it takes me 75 minutes to get to the front and the sunwing employee that does the check ins casually tells me my flight as been delayed by 9 hours its only a 4.5-5 hour flight, I asked him what can I do cause this is not fair I'm only going for 3 days and because of this delay it kills 1 day for me, he tells me he doesn't know what I can do but speak to his manager, after speaking with his manager which tells me to call customer service which I do to find out customer service only opens at 9am and it's only 6:10am now. I waited and called at 9am to have the customer service rep tell me sorry but delays happen all the time, there's nothing we can do she tells me, but I can send a letter if I really want. Oh boy thanks for the help sunwing you guys really know how to screw up peoples vacation

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  • Ja
    JayNic Jan 21, 2012

    Did you ever hear back from Sunwing? If so what was the outcome?

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  • Ja
    JayNic Jan 21, 2012

    Did you ever hear back from Sunwing, if so what was the outcome?

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flight missed due to lack of notification!

My family and I were coming home from Huatulco Mexico on December 28th, and we missed our flight because of a document that was handed out to us on departure from Vancouver stating that our flight time when we departed on the 28th had changed from 1220pm to 455pm. When we checked our flight status 12 hours prior to our departure the automated woman (because we couldn't get a hold of anyone at Sunwing) said that our flight was leaving at 1220pm. My family and I then tried to call a Sunwing representative, which was a lost cause. So we decided to go with what the representative in Vancouver who handed out this hard copy document about our flight time change had said to us which was "This is an official flight change document, if the flight time changes again you will be notified either via e-mail or phone within 72hrs". So needless to say when we arrived at Huatulco airport for our 455pm flight to Vancouver only to find that it had taken off at 1220pm we were livid.
We then proceeded at Huatuclo airport to speak with the Sunwing representative which told us that it should be no problem to have us on the same flight a week from December 28th (so on January 4th) back to Vancouver because the plane that arrived from Vancouver earlier in the day was not even half full, and that she would just have to call to confirm that. Well 20 minutes passed and the representative came back with only one option, EDMONTON! The only thing Sunwing was offering to do for us distressed passengers was to have us get on the flight leaving for Edmonton that night, and then we would have to fend for ourselves from Edmonton to Vancouver. Well this was an unacceptable option for my family and I because of Sunwings lack of offical communication of the flight time change back to its original departure time, and that we should be given seats on the plane leaving for Vancouver the following week. The representative then proceeded to tell us that Sunwing had reconfigured the plane leaving the following week from Huatuclo to Vancouver, so they only had room for 176 passengers instead of 196, and that any changes had closed on December 27th, and it was out of their hands now. Can you say RUN AROUND!!! So what were we to do but to be held at ransom and take the Edmonton flight, so that is what we did. So we woke up this morning booked a flight back to Vancouver from Edmonton for $306.00 plus taxes per person, only to arrive in Vancouver exhausted and broke, due to no fault of our own.
During all of this we contacted the insurance that we purchased through Sunwing only to find out that our "issue" is not covered under the insurance and that we are advised to take it up with Sunwing directly.
I have to say that as a paying customer, I have felt like a hostage. I am not sure how these dirtbags can take your money, screw you ten time to Sunday and get away with it. Let me tell you I am not going to rest until I get some compensation, and until the public is educated on this lowly good for nothing airline, that they claim to be Canada's top airline.

extra long flight

I booked a direct flight to Hautulco from Winnipeg - estimated flying time around 5-6 hours.
A couple of days before the flight, I was notified that we would be stopping in Regina.
Upon checking in, I was told we were ALSO stopping in Saskatoon AND Regina, and that no one was allowed off the plane
Total flying time 10 hours!
Plus, a majority of the Winnipeg passengers were seated in the back, making us the last people off the flight when it did finally arrive.
We sat on the plane from 7:30 am until it landed at 5pm...with no food service until 2:30 pm. We were starving.

Sunwing should not be allowed to get away with this lack of customer service, especially when I paid for a direct flight.
Be warned...and try not to book with them if at all possible.

sunwing delays/cancellations

I used to be a loyal Sunwing customer but am no longer either. I booked with Sunwing Vacations to go to the Dreams Punta Cana resort. The travel dates were supposed to be from Sat, April 3- Sat, April 10. Two days before we left, I heard that SkyService went out of business. Relieved that I had chosen to stay away from them because of their history of horrible service, I thought I'd be okay. Then the day before I left, I was called by my travel agent to say that Sunwing has overbooked the resort and offered to move us to another resort (Majestic Colonial) and we would only have to pay for our flights. After having done extensive research on resorts in Punta Cana, and this being my third trip there, I specifically chose Dreams Punta Cana and was not willing to switch even if I'd get the Majestic Colonial for Free. Was I wrong to think it was over then. Then after flying from NY to Toronto Friday night before our Saturday flight, I discover another call to say that our schedule has been changed and now our 6:40am flight was now at 11:59pm and there would be no compensation from Sunwing. Furious as I was, we contacted our travel agent who conferenced in a Sunwing rep. It was a waste of time as they couldn't hear us, but we could hear her and she basically told our travel agent that we could write to customer service and wait 6-8 weeks for reply and they could do nothing more other than cancel our vacation.

On Saturday night we headed to the airport at 8pm for our 11:59pm flight and by the time we arrive, there was a long line already at check in but no reps at the counter. Finally they show up an hour later and although we had paid for the Elite Premium package ($99 per person) we did not receive Priority checkin. Once we got to the gate, we found out the flight was now delayed until 1:30am. There were many families with young children who had to sleep uncomfortably underneath airport benches at the waiting area. This was not the end of our nightmare. As expected, the flight was then delayed again until 3:45am! By 2am the Sunwing desk at the gate finally made a mere announcement that they would be handing out $10 vouchers for food. We had to all line up at the counter for these. Well, at 2am the only place open was Tim Horton's. So of course, the lineup was an hour to get just donuts and a drink. They practically ran out of everything by the time we got to the front to order because everyone was trying to use up the full $10 value!

Finally when we boarded, we discovered that the plane we were on was not even a Sunwing plane but rather Omni Air International. A really old and uncomfortable plane. We didn't get the priority seating we paid for. The tray tables were lopsided and my food nearly slid right off! Who could sleep in those chairs that were so narrow that a 100lb person wouldn't even be able to fit comfortably let alone a normal sized person. Horrifying!

So now not only did we lose an entire day at a resort we paid for with the meals and beverages, we were stuck on some crappy old plane and no compensation of any sort was offered.

Of course the Dreams Punta Cana resort was lovely once we got there, but we lost an entire day and when we spoke to the Sunwing rep at orientation, he basically said the same that he couldn't do anything from Punta Cana and that we had to call the Sunwing office or write to them. Useless!

Upon checkin at Sunwing's counter at the Punta Cana airport for our return flight, we were told that our luggage at 21.4 kilos was over the weight limit and that we had to pay extra. When we told them and showed them our itinerary which stated we had the elite package, the rep proceeded to argue with us to say we didn't because the Sunwing invoice which was wrong indicated 20Kilos. Even when I noticed this when I printed it and called the travel agent beforehand who spoke with Sunwing, and assured us that this was an error they didn't correct it but it is in their system and would be okay at checkin. Again, a complete lie!

Naturally, our return flight was also delayed 2 hours on the way home. Again it was Omni Air International that picked us up. My priority seating this time was in an exit row. This would have been great had it not been half a seat due to the exit door protruding halfway into my seat and my foot having no room anywhere but underneath the inch of space between the door and the floor. On top of that, the pocket for the plane info card and magazines which normally would have been on the seat back in front, was located on the wall right next to me and took up what space I had left. Basically, I was crammed into a tiny space for a 4 hour flight and there was no air. I almost had a panic episode. I was so claustrophobic just sitting on the plane and we hadn't even taken off yet. Finally I had to get up or lose my mind.

The fact that Sunwing didn't compensate for the loss of an entire travel day is unacceptable. And offering a mere $100 voucher for future travel with them would be a disgrace as who would want to travel again with a company who would sacrifice the loyalty and well being of a customer to go rescue Sky Service passengers who should never have booked with a lousy airline to begin with. That would be their own downfall and so why should the rest of us smarter people pay the price. And do they really think that $100 is the value of a one night stay at a Five Star resort? If so, then they seriously owe us even more money back for a 7 night package as we have paid way too much based on that value.

Sunwing absolutely needs to recognize and address this issue immediately to the fullest extent if they ever expect to stay in business themselves. There are many customers who went through the same horrible ordeal with Sunwing and would agree. First, Sunwing needs to compensate their customers for the loss of an entire day at their resort in the form of a cash refund. Secondly, Sunwing needs to refund the $99 fee for an elite premium package when I did not receive priority checking, champagne flights, 30kilo luggage allowance, or priority seating as what was indicated. The also need to send a formal letter of apology to each and every one of their once loyal customers who were treated absolutely horribly because they sacrificed their own customers to go help SkyService. Why didn't they send that terrible Omni Air Int'l plane to get Sky Service passengers instead!? Certainly, the priority of their own customers did not matter to them.

I am planning to post my complaint regarding Sunwing on every travel website until this is corrected by Sunwing. As well, a copy of this is also going directly to their CEO and President.

Just horrifying! Redeem yourself!

  • Wo
    worldtraveler2011 Jun 05, 2011

    "And offering a mere $100 voucher for future travel with them would be a disgrace as who would want to travel again with a company who would sacrifice the loyalty and well being of a customer to go rescue Sky Service passengers who should never have booked with a lousy airline to begin with."

    You seem to ramble on about everything and nothing therefore diluting your original any maybe pertinent complaint. However yur above statement is purely ludicrous...and all I can say is I guess you got what you deserve by booking with a "lousy airline to begin with."

    You have a $1000 and fly charter and follow the rules of your ticket and conventions or pay $1000 more and fly Air Canada. Why does everyone chose the cheap option and then ### and complain!

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horrible service

I used to be a loyal Sunwing customer but am no longer either. I booked with Sunwing Vacations to go to...

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official complain

Bear in mind that I will be contacting the Canadian Transportation Agency air Travel Complaints Program and will publish this exact complain in tripadvisor and all the travel websites I can.

I had booked my vacation on January 22 and had paid ($1565+tax) $3666.00 for 2 people. This for a trip on March 21 to March 28, Montego Bay. 3 weeks after I had booked this the price went down to $1215+tax) I have called and ask to be refunded but was given a NO answer. This is a difference of about $350 per person. By this time, I am already out by $750. I had booked the Secret Wild Orchild, I was notified 2 days before my trip that I would be thrown somewhere else which was not acceptable. How can you sell something not knowing what you are selling will not be open in time? I was not even notified by my travel agent nor you're agency, I had to call you and inquire before you even knew about it. Just such bad customer service at this point. I was so nervous and disappointed by this point. Then, on March 21, the flight was delayed because the plane had not arrived yet. I tried not look at the better side being this is the star of my vacation and ignored it. However on my trip to come back to toronto. Remember folks, this is suppose to be a 4 hours non-stop flight form montego bay to toronto. We were supposed to be flying at 8:45 pm flight number WG733 and arrive at 1:45 am, the following day March 29. Our vacation was cut short a few hours earlier. We were PIcked up at the hotel at 2:30 for our flight WG733 to depart at 6:00 pm and arrived at 2040 pm March 28. We didn't arrive until 3:30 am on the morning of March 29. The plane was just in a bad condition. There was a piece of gum stuck on my seat and i ask the flight attendant if there was anything to remove it. She gave me a piece of paper and ask me to put it on top of the gum. There was garbage all over the plane. Used headphone from the passengers that came from Toronto and drop to Montego Bay. Did I mentioned that there was vomit at the floor. The entire plan stunk from vomit. This was simply unhygienic. I could have rode in a TTC bus which was cleaner than this. This is simple unacceptable with any airline standard. We then had to drop passengers from Toronto, to Punta Cana and get some more passengers from Punta Cana to fly with us to Toronto. We had to wait about 2 hours for the passengers to go out of the plan, refuel, bring in the baggage, get new passengers and at one point the pilot even said we were just waiting for some paperworks. The flight attendants were also misserable. I ask for a cup of water because I was so dehydrated and was given 1/4 cup. I then proceded to get more, She said that she will get more but never came back. At one point while the plane was park waiting for all the comotion to settle down, I decided to stand on the walkway to just stretch. At this point, I felt that I was going to faint. I ask my husband to be at my side while I go to the washroom. We were then told that they can not have that many of a passenger standing becuase it would be chaotic. What if I fainted and have no one to catch me. Would you blame me for this? When we got home out of the airport it was 4:45. I did not get home until 5:30 and I live in Markham. By this time, my head was spinning of exhaustion and dehaydration. I went to the doctor the following day and the doctor had said that I had catch a flu and bronchitis. I did not go to work on March 29 and today March 30. I work form 10-8:30 pm and would not have been able to make it. I am still right now as I am writing this I am so upset at sunwing, I should have listen to my instinct and book with air canada or west jet. Sunwing, If you have accommodated me with my price difference the first time I tried to reconcile with you, I would have let this go. I live with the saying you get what you paid for but in this case, after paring hundreds of dollars for a trip. I did not get what I paid for. I paid more but got sick, exhaustion, loss of pay for not being able to go to work 20 hours. I do not know if I am even ready to go back to work tomorrow. If you need documentation that I have been to the doctor. I can send this to you at anytime. I am asking for compensation for all this incovienience that you have caused me. You ruined my trip!!!

In addition to this, in checking in our luggage at Sangster International Airport, the check in personnel of Sunwing his name is andrew called me a liar because he wanted to charge me $80 US dollars because he said that I was overweight. We had 2 luggage, one weight 22.9 and one 21 kg. I had told him that it clearly states that on the e-ticket that I have on my hand, if flying international we are allowed 25 kg per passenger. If I was dumb and didn't bother to read what I am allowed to then you would have been able to get $80 more dollars from me. Sunwing, why do you have such bad business practice.?The personnel treated me like I am a thief and and animal. Don't treat you're customers like this. After I showed him the paper and read it himself, he started to ask me money for an upgrade. I asked him if the upgrade would give me more leg room he said no. I told him then what it the point? he whispered that I am cheap. I was about to cry and my husband was able to calm me down, Don't embarrassed me like this. This is such bad business practice.

  • De
    Deebbie Dec 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish i had checked this web site before booking with sunwing, this to has just happen the price went down by 200.00 per person and there are 4 of us going. Im not asking for a refund but just an up grade on the flight. Pay for confirming our seats. BUT the unhelpful Jacquie at Sunwet came back with a big fat NO.
    We travel a lot 2 to 3 times a years and will never book again with Sunwing. Air Transit all the way.

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  • Ko
    koalat Jan 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had booked a vacation package with Sunwing on December 30th and confirmed our seats with the Elite Plus ($100.00 each extra) which were confirmed on my eTicket of January 4th, 2011. Since then I noticed by checking the eTicket documentation the flight is no longer leaving at the same time as was previously booked and is now stopping in Puerto Plata. Therefore now we leave later and waste a whole day getting there instead of leaving early morning and arriving early afternoon (1sh). Not only has the flight changed but the confirmed seats have been changed and we only have the Elite Plus on the flight home. My husband and I are no longer sitting beside the window but on the aisle for the flight going. I was advised that the change was due to the plane not being full and therefore they added the people going to Puerta Plata - unbelievable. Had much better experience with Transat Vacations in the past and will make my experience known to all of my friends. A very unsatisfied customer and customer service including Supervisor from Sunwing not at all helpful.

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  • Au
    Audrey's Costumes Nov 21, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is my experience also! We are loyal customers and have travelled with Sunwing before and regret booking again this time! I wish I took the time to research them a bit more. We haven't even left yet and I am regretting my decision to book my family for this LAST time...I mean this is the last time. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I booked our trip months in advance under the advice of a Sunwing rep that this was the best deal I'll find now to see the trip $800 cheaper! I called them to see if I could get a room upgrade or anything to ease the pain a little. They responded with ridiculous policy garbage which we all know exists...sometimes to make someone happy it takes a small effort. I wasn't asking for a refund or anything of the nature BUT to give me a small perk would have been nice. I am happy to say I have learned my lesson. I am going to try not to let this ruin my last vacation with Sunwing. Small gestures go a long way and it's sad that Sunwing can't figure that out!

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  • Ls
    lssc Oct 10, 2018

    We purchased a 7 day all inclusive with direct flights at a cost of $2985.00 per person, one week before we were to leave Sunwing changed our flight to a non direct flight package that was also available at the same time we booked however sold at a cost $2, 565. per person. Difference of $420.00 per person.

    When we officially complained to Sunwing and The Better Business Bureau, Sunwing's response was "Sunwing acknowledges that their business practice is flight consolidations must take place due to low sales."

    If they practice a flight consolidations due to a low sales, they should refund their clients. I guess this is their version of Bait and Switch; advertise direct favorable routes and then change them to the scheduled lower cost non-direct flights.


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vacation cuba varadero oasis varadero 1920


Nous planifions notre voyage pour celebrer mon 30e anniversaire de naissance du 21 mai 2009. Nous recherchions un grand resort avec :

500 chambres et plus

plusieurs restaurants a la carte

plusieus bar

un snack bar 24 hrs

boissons servies 24hrs

plusieurs piscines dont une avec un bar ( swimbar )

beaucoup d’animation et d’activites


bar sur la plage

C’est pourquoi de tout les hotels qui etaient disponibles pour ces dates, nous avons choisi Oasis Varadero 1920.

Nous sommes extremement decu de notre choix, puisque ce qui etaient affiches sur votre site, ne refletait pas du tout ce que nous avons eu.
Pour debuter, le resort était vide puisque la grande partie était ferme pour renovations.

Il y avait seulement 3 restaurants a la carte au lieu de 6. De plus, les repas n’etaient pas servis a l’endroit dont ils etaient supposes, mais plutôt ou le buffet du midi était servi ( a l’exterieur, entoure de chats ++)

Le snack bar 24hrs était ferme tout notre sejour

Aucune boisson n’était servi apres que le piano bar soit ferme, soit 12h45am

Sur 3 piscines, il n’y en avait qu’une d’ouverte et ce n’était pas celle avec le swimbar

La discotheque était fermee durant notre sejour

Aucun bar sur la plage

Toutes ces accomodations etaient pourtant dans la descritpion de l’hotel.
Je desire preciser que c’est le 5 voyages que je book avec selloffvacations et le troisieme avec sunquest.

On aurait grandement apprecie etre informe de la situation de cette hotel avant notre recherche, puique nous en aurons choisi une autre qui correspondait a nos attentes. Ce n’est que rendu sur le resort qu’on nous a informe que l’hotel devait etre fermee pour renovations et que Oasis Varadero avait accepte d’ouvrir partiellement afin de vous accommoder.
Ce qui nous porte a croire que vous n’informer pas vos clients des changements et me fait douter de la qualite de vos services. Cette experience nous a fait perdre confiance de ce que vous affichez. Nous doutons fort de faire affaire d’avantage avec votre compagnie pour nos voyages annuels. Vous devriez mettre a jour l’informations que vous transmettez a vos clients.

flight delay/no communication

We were to depart Vancouver at 1:55p.m. on a flight to Cuba and were told to arrive 3 hours before the flight. We arrived 5 hours before the flight and the departure time said it was on time. Just about 10 minutes later, the board said it was delayed to 3p.m. There were no Sunwing employees or a Sunwing desk in Vancouver! And there was only an answering machine when we called the Sunwing phone number. By the time we finally saw them starting to check people in, the flight was then delayed to 6p.m. By the time we left Vancouver, it was almost 8p.m. We were in the Vancouver airport for 11 hours. The airlines employees told us that it was due to weather that it was so delayed. But when we finally took off, the captain told us a crew member was sick in Cuba and they couldn't take off until another crew member was flown back to Cuba! Later during our stay in Cuba, we were told that the crew member was in jail!! Not sick!! We lost basically a day's stay at our resort and now have to fight with to get a refund on a missed day at the resort which adds up to $320! They are giving us the run around and telling us that it's Sunwings problem. Now were are dealing with our credit card company and withholding payment until we are compensated!! Wish us luck!!
The bottom line...Don't fly Sunwing...Don't book with Do your homework and read all there is to read about your airlines/travel agent BEFORE you book!

  • Su
    Susan955932 Feb 24, 2010

    sunwing is responsible

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  • Ca
    CARRIE JEPSEN Mar 02, 2010

    we just arrived home to edmonton from puerto vallarta on feb 25, it was a direct flight ftom edmonton, and through calgary to edmonton on the way back, my complaint is that in calgary there was a crew change, and the initial crew deadheaded with us to edmonton with the rest of us. I was alot put out by the disconcern of the original crew upon leaving calgary, as they along with the fresh crew did nothing but talk and laugh about there personal issues amongst each other, we as paying customers were already tired and ready to get going and could not sleep as the crew acted like they were on vacation. I feel that the rest of the people on the flight were totally disrespected. I pressed the light for assistance, and has to press it three times to get sommeones attention, then when an attendant came to ask what I wanted it was like I was putting her out. Its her job to tend to a paying customer, even if it was only 35 minutes to edmonton. I asked foe a wet wipe for my hands, and when I got it, it was bone dry, and I had to dip it in my water glass to get it wet. I just wanted to let someone, anyone know that the sunwing employees where not respectful of the people who basically pay there wages. I would also like to say that your food is not fit for consumption. I would settle on a cold sub sandwich., at the least.. maybe you should think about quality...???? I hope someone will address this issue as I am a paying customer, and the planeride really put a damper on my vacation, I should'nt have to return home pissed off.. Time to find a new airline STAT!!!

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severe flight delay & cruel treatment

We flew with Sunwing to Cancun on Feb 3, 2010, with my wife and three very young children. We loved the...

7 comments Oakville Airlines

varadero cuba

can i have a phone call back to many complaints to list [protected] or [protected] ty hope to haer from u sson

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    scottaboyd Feb 09, 2010

    ---To whom it may concern:
    My partner and I just returned from our vacation in PVR Mexico,
    We both agreed the experience with Sunwing was the worst ever
    The flight there and back was late 3 hours there and over 1 hour back
    At check in the seats that I paid for ($60.00) were given away
    We got to Hotel, didn't have the requested beach front room. (see special comments when booked)
    The return flight had no champagne, dirty seats and trash in pockets, no ice for drinks
    We arrived late coming home and planned on taking the Skytrain but was forced to pay $35.00 Taxi fare
    On arrival we were delayed in getting our bags due to a broken luggage belt, under staffing, and late arrival.
    To top it off we heard all types of reasons: over weight plane, paperwork in Mexico not done right, refueling, wrong terminal plus being told by staff any abusive comments to the staff will result in possible banning.
    This is the 3rd time flying U and not happy

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overcharged/service not delivered

When I booked my ticket, I paid an extra $40C for the elite plus service on a champagne getaway, which allows for emergency row seating and an extra 5kg of checked baggage (30kg). My baggage weighed in at 29kg and I was charged an extra $10 per pound ($40) over the normal ticket price for a 25kg baggage allowance. The clerk consulted her coworker and agreed that I was Elite Plus, but still made me pay the $40. Also, there was no priority check-in available and we were made to wait for over an hour and a half until the second security check even opened, which at that time, due to no overseer or cordoned off area, everyone who held any type of ticket at all, rushed through to the second security check, which was another entire nightmare. We were unable to get on our plane until 3 hours after we were told to arrive at the airport, and then learned that the champagne breakfast deal was also a "no-show" as alcohol was not permitted to be served. Why sell an elite plus ticket claiming you will be served champagne (which was much needed at this point!) if you know full well that you will not be serving it. I paid $120 extra for a trip that offered me none of the advertised benefits other than sitting in the emergency row.

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    Please read attached photos

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    DeAndre M Feb 02, 2010

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to say I was impressed with your travel advertisement, so decide to try your hospitality. I am starting to realize that was the biggest mistake ever. I flew on one of your aircraft to Orlando Intl Airport on the Jan 25th 2010. The flight attendants services was very poor one incident I ask for a cup of coffee during meal time and he ask me how I like my coffee, I told him then he brought me a cup or black coffee with 2 pouches of sugar and that was it nothing else no stirring rod or cream. I over looked that and on my way back, which was the 29th I sat at seat 23A. The arm rest was broken either someone sat on it or whatever I ask the flight attendant to relocate me since there was exit seats available but reluctantly disagrees. That same flight #033, it was extremely humid and hot, the in-flight entertainment did not work. This was a perfect disaster not hospitality.

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  • Ac
    AceSarafin Dec 12, 2014

    Sunwing baggage counter employee are told check free sports back allowance of 20kg to make sure it contains items related to 1 mixing sports gear allowed...I had upgrade to elite plus and was pissed at sunwing checking my bags in priority baggage line...was charged $400 for 20kg multi sports bag which is supposedly free...Elite Plus upgrade...Is a Joke and a complete scam...will never fly with Sunwing again. Better baggage allowance with other airlines which do not waste paid upgrade customers time with luggage inspections, I have learned Sunwing makes huge profits on baggage fees..Employees are bullied and pressured to check everyones baggage at check in to apply added fees..Sunwing no longer offers free bag for humanitarian aid...Customers Service is Very Poor, and airline is 100% profit gauging customers.
    They should be ashamed of their business practices. They have no concern or care for customer comfort or service ...Their ultimate goal is to charge you extra ..while providing the least in return...

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    Andrea Duncan Feb 11, 2019
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    Verified customer

    no one will return calls, manager, sunwing rep, no one will get a wheelchair for me booking number is 105757493
    a refund would be desired resolution

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    Ericamoore515 Jun 16, 2019

    I recently visited your property in Jamaica, spent a nice amount of money to get there only to be disappointed. The hotel did not seem to be 5 star, mot the best customer service, the food was not good and was given in small proportions with watery drinks. We paid to have top notch food and service, but didn't get that. [email protected]

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    katie maroney Oct 19, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Please see attached photos. Our experience took a long time to write and won't fit in this slot so I have attached it in the photos.

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Bonjour, mon nom est Christopher Nehme, et jai voyager avec sunwing vendredi le 17juillet2009.Apres avoir ete...

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