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My booking number is [protected].
My wife and I traveled on Mar.18.2017 to Montego Bay from Toronto on flight
WG752. The In-flight service was terrible. The flight attendants Finished their service very quickly and disappeard for 3 hours. Never saw them once go through even offered a water to passengers. We were sitting in seats 4A and 4B. These flight attendants behaved like they did not like their job. We never saw them smile even once.
We would never ever fly Sunwing air line again. Is it even legal not to offer water to people. These flight attendants were sitting down for most of the flight chatting with each other.

On the way home we took flight WG753 on the March.25.2017.
The flight was delayed four hours. I asked the in-charge flight attendant if any alcohol drink or food was complimentary. She was so rude. I have never seen anybody more rude than her. She told me, even if company told her to give complimentary drinks, she will not give anybody complimentary drinks.
She told me, I was not a happy person. All I did was, asked her if drinks or food was comlimentary. She had no right to tell me that, she does not give anybody drinks if they are not happy. My wife and I were so upset, we didn't
take any drink or food from the crew. We slept all the way home not even a drink of water.
Some body with an attitude like that, you never know what she might put in my drink.
I am a 57 years old man. I am a customer service director with a major corporation.
I am a frequent flyer. This was my first time flying with sunwing airline. I will never fly Sunwing airline again.
The whole trip was excellent service except for the flight attendants were terrible on both of our flights
I would like a reply from Sunwing for this complaint.

Thanking you,
Harjit Panesar
Paramjit Chandi


Mar 27, 2017

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