Suntrust Mortgage / insurance fraud

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SunTrust Mortgage company continues to claim that I do not have home owners insurance. My insurance company has provided proof and SunTrust Mortgage will not remove their escrow account. I've been dealing with them over this matter for several months. I will have to retain a lawyer and fight them in court. Their customer service is poor, they are truly trying to get me to pay for insurance that I already have. I've reached out to the BBB to dispute the issue.

Don't get your mortgage from SunTrust, they are nothing but a ripoff.

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  • Ba
      Dec 02, 2010

    In May of this year Suntrust Mortgage enforced an insurance policy for the previous year. My insurance company was Allstate insurance and they have given Suntrust Mortgage the documents they required. Suntrust has very poor customer service. Enforcing an insurance policy for a previous year is just bad business. The mortgage companies are truly a ripoff. Hard to believe that in these days of large number of home defaults that a customer who has always paid on time and keeps insurance on the property can be treated like a dog. I'm posted this information to alert others to the extremely poor customer service. Suntrust doesn't give a *** about their customers, they try every method possible to obtain every last dollar. Don't get your mortgage from SunTrust. They do not care about the customer. It's all about the money.

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  • Fo
      May 19, 2011

    I have had the same problem every year. It has to do with the renewal date of the insurance - the date Suntrust has is probably earlier than your actual renewal date. Every year I've called in and every year they cancel the coverage they arrange after my broker sends proof. I will be done with Suntrust this year thank goodness. By the way if you are paying bi-weekly through the equity accelerator program it is a rip off and a money grab by the bank! I just found out that although the paperwork says otherwise, they collect the payment bi-weekly but only remit it monthly! So the only benefit is one bi-weekly payment a year goes directly to principal. In the real world the principal balance should be reduced bi-weekly and the interest calculated on the new lower principal balance. They also charge a fee for this scam!

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