Suntrust / branch sales tactics

Columbus, GA, United States

SunTrust Auburn Ave. Columbus Ga.

On August 21st, 2018 at 5:10 PM I received voice mail from Mr. Don Thomas from SunTrust Bank . The message was very vague and insinuated that it was very important that I call him back as soon as I could and reiterated that it was not urgent but it was very important but did not say what the importance was about. I did not check my voice mail until after 7:PM that evening. When I heard the message I became very concerned that something might be wrong with my credit or my bank account. I've had problems in the past with attempted fraud where someone tried to apply for a loan at a SunTrust bank using my social security number. The next morning I tried to contact Mr Thomas and left him a voice mail around 9:AM 9/22/2018. after he did not return my call I tried calling him again and reached him, about 10:30 am and he said he would call me right back in about 5 minutes. For the next 30 minutes he did not call back so I went down to the bank and found Mr. Thomas in his office. It turned out that there's was nothing wrong with my accounts he just wanted to talk to me about selling me money management services.

That was a beyond sleazy tactic to try and drum up business. I was furious with his vague message and having worried all night and the next morning wondering if something was wrong with my accounts. I spoke with his manager, I forgot his name, and told him what they had put me through and how I felt about it. In the end I told the manager if SunTrust pulled a sleazy stunt like that again on me they would loose me as a customer. It would be automatic with no discussion. For them to treat a long time customer of over 20 years like that was simply over the line of decency and a cheap shot.

David Gragg

Aug 22, 2018

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