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Sunset Group Fishermen's Village / Lose our money and peace of mind!

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Our first visit to Mexico and our first timeshare presentation turned out to be a horror story for our family. The Sunset Group has almost $16,000 of our money, which was given as a deposit towards a timeshare on June 29th 2006. We tried to cancel in July and get a refund because we believe we were grossly deceived. But they have been unwilling to refund any money, even though the American Embassy in Mexico has been negotiating with them. This is a huge amount of money for my family to lose.

We were persuaded to purchase a 2 week master suite for $60,000. Our salespeople, Monica Mirica and Lorena Gonzalez told us we were investing in property that would appreciate every year. It seemed like a good investment. On July 28th, I paid for a Timeshare Market Valuation by “Vacation Timeshare and Rentals”, which placed the actual value of my contract at $17,230.

Monica verbally “guaranteed” many times that Sunset would buy back our contract after one year if we were not satisfied. She said it was a “no risk investment”. I have asked Sunset to honor that commitment, but they say it is not written in the contract, so they will not honor it.

They added 6 “VIP” weeks and told us they could be rented out for $1,700 a week profit. At $10,200 profit per year, they said I could repay my initial investment within 6 years.

My research strongly suggests that this is not true. In fact, you can rent weeks on eBay and the TimeShare Users Group (TUG) for much less than the maintenance fee. There is a lot of useful information about buying and renting timeshares on the TUG Website.

Unfortunately for me, I did not have time to review my contract immediately as I had to fly to the UK to attend my stepfather’s funeral. He died on the same morning that we signed the contract yet Sunset has shown no compassion to us despite our emotional distress that day.

They promised the presentation would be 90 minutes, but it lasted over 6 hours. Not only did we lose our money and our peace of mind, it spoiled our entire vacation and I have spent many hours trying to get the contract canceled. The presentation was designed to induce our trust, and to this day we still cannot believe the salespeople could deliberately tell us what we believe were lies so convincingly, so many times.

I am pursuing a full refund and I will never give up. I want as many people as possible to know the truth about the Sunset Group.

Thank you for reading this.

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  • Ke
      21st of Apr, 2007
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    My wife and I went on vacation in Cancun December 2006. During our stay we attended a Time Share presentation at the Sunset Fisherman’s located at Playa del Carmen. The facility was nice and the staff "worked out" solutions to our concerns. We signed a contract for every other year believing that everything was legitimate and as described. I was a little concerned about the promises that were made and when additional information didn’t arrive I started to check into the company, the Sunset Group and the company used to rent the unused time-share weeks (Condo Marketing International).

    I found that there are large number people who have had the exact same experience we had. High-pressure sales pitch for hours and promises / guarantees that are untrue or misleading. Every time that we said no, the time was too long, unit too large or that maintenance fees were outrageous the manager “worked out solutions”. The use of the time-share would be for every other year and then we would receive “bonus weeks” which would be rented through Condo Marketing international for $1,500. We were told that by renting a week ever year or two would cover the cost of the maintenance fees. We were also told that this was a no loose situation since the condo could be sold in the future (the price of everything in the area was going up) and that the company had right first refusal.

    Condo Marketing International Website states: “We advertise through the internet and other media resources as well as an extensive referral network to reach traveling people worldwide who are looking for their perfect vacation.” There are no listings of properties that are available “for rent” on the site. I have also called the company during normal business hour and just get an answering machine. The company has an address in Houston TX but can’t be found as a listing in the BBB or Houston Yellow pages. The company also has a fax # but the interesting thing is that the prefix is not for Houston TX but for Florida.

    I contacted the Sunset Group on the collections line and talked with Rosalie Silva about the situation on 1/23/07. I was first told that couldn’t cancel the agreement / contract. I was told that the people who were unhappy with the company just wanted to make money off of the company by renting out the weeks expecting profits and that company promised nothing else other than to provide the basic service nothing else. She also stated that no time-share company in Cancun can or will make the promise about being able to rent out units. The statements made by the salesmen, sales mangers and the company are misrepresentations, contradictions and outright lies.

    I have been working to resolve this situation since January without any real progress. I have contacted VISA, Consumer Organizations and US Embassy in Mexico. Sunset Fishermen’s recently did “make an offer” that was a bad joke. It added cost, reduced what we would receive while keeping the outrageous maintenance fees ($739/week).

    We haven’t used any of the properties or services provided by Sunset Fisherman or the Sunset Group. We are just trying to get back what we originally paid in good faith 9,220.82 (US).

    Ken Charbonneau

  • Ro
      13th of Aug, 2007
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    I to have been ripped off by the royal sunset group,only when I tried to make reservations on my 2 bedroom time share did I realize that I was frauded. Please people do your homework and don't have any dealings with this company they are nothing but a bunch of crooks and liars

  • Mm
      15th of Oct, 2007
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    They called me today about vacation packages Also used the name Cancun Travel Limited Clearly a scam. If anyone reads this DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!

  • Do
      11th of Dec, 2007
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    Tuesday,dec,11,2007.i got the call , i knew the sales pitch, was very interested.(been to mexico twice in the last two years).all isaid was ,i like to talk to my wife when she gets home, one hour from now. the hard sell started. big turn off did some googling while on the phone, thank god for the internet! caveat emptor! BUYER BEWARE!

  • Al
      21st of Feb, 2008
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  • Ma
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    This place is a wonderful get-away, and it is worth every cent! As a multi-property owner, I have comfort in Mexico.

  • Ed
      9th of Apr, 2008
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    As soon as I got off the airplane, they have representatives waiting for you at the airport giving you deals on attractions in Mexico. AVOID THEM!! It's part of the scam to get you to go to Fisherman's Villiage and view the time share. They say it's 45 minutes, but you know it will be at least 2 hours. It was 4 Hours! They keep sending you sales reps after sales reps to try to get you to buy into the Timeshares! They try to tell you how good it is, how much money you save on future vacations, but just say "NO". You will be glad you did. I couldn't believe how many "suckers" fell for it. I did not buy, and they kept lowering the price to make it more attractive for me. Do not buy anything in another country unless you know the laws! Buy in your own country. If it looks to good to be true, then it isn't true! Buyer Beware!!!

  • Ri
      7th of May, 2008
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    On Monday, May 5, I received a call from Premier Cancun Vacations informing me that I had "won" a vacation to Mexico. After filling out all the information and discussing it with my wife, I provided payment information. However, the Premier Cancun person misinformed me that this was an all-inclusive vacation package. Since recently winning a package through a radio promotion site - all inclusive means hotel, food, drinks and flight. When I asked for clarification I was told that my payment would include EVERYTHING. When I was forwarded to another representative to confirm payment, he rushed me through the process and had a heavy accent. After getting off the phone (and paying my first installment), I checked the website and it states that flights are NOT included! I called back 15 minutes after speaking to a representative to cancel my vacation. I have been passed around and around and around and I am still waiting to get an answer from head office. I have been told that all sales are considered final BUT Premier Cancun Vacations LIED - they lied about me "winning" a trip, they lied about it being all-inclusive and they lied about having good customer service, since you haven't called me back and have given me the run around. Fool me once, shame on me...

  • Ci
      22nd of May, 2008
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    They contacted me today and said I was one of 100 lucky people who get this great promotion 638$$ for 6 days 5 night in Cancun Mexico and 5days 4 night in costa Rica + Airfare.. After they babbled on for a while about accomodations and such and how I was a recipient of 26oo travel dollars some girl wanted me to give them my credit card info and i said no because i wasn't comfortable giving that out over the she transfered me to a girl name Amber Derrick and she assured me everything was fine and that a verification code would be giving...once she finished talking they sent me to a verification department a woman named Terry with a heavy accent talked very quickly about the exact same stuff (this was being recorded) once she told me that they would be withdrawing 638$$ from my account i said "no i was not aware of this" and she said surely someone must have said you need to pay to keep this promotion... she asked if i had the funds and i said no... so she said well we can do 149$$ and get financial services to contact you and make payment arrangements...i said umm ok... then she informed me i had a confirmation number i said ok... at this time they had withdrawn money from my account without my authorized approval I DID NOT SAY "YES withdraw that amount or YES i accept this offer" i simple said ok ..meaning i understood they would do a payment plan... so we hung up and i was still unclear to whether or not they had taken any money... so i called my credit card company and they told me a pending payment of 147 to "paradise destinations" was on my record i freaked and said what do i do..the rep cancelled my card but they still got 147.44 out of me... now i hope i can get the 147 back seeing as they didn't take it with my authorized consent... I then called Sunset Group back and they said they listend to the tape and that saying Ummm Ok is as good ayes..and that they do not offer refunds.. hahaha It had only been an hour and its not like i took the trip! I WANT MY MONEY BACK.. my credit card company told me they would dispute it and because i never said "YES I accept or YES withdraw this amount" i'll be able to get my money back.. however i did make sure i cancelled that credit card because i dont want people like that having my information...anyone else have a similar problem?...

  • Pr
      28th of Jul, 2008
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    I am the Executive with the Quality Assurance Department for Marketing 4 Sunset Group. We put together packages for popular destinations, and sell them at discounted prices. We sell our travel products through internet, infomercials, and telephone. These promotions always change depending on the season, and the hotel rooms we have available.

    We have a quality process where we repeat all package details in the verification department. We listen to these recordings and make sure that everything is clear and the customer understands what they are purchasing. We take all necessary precautions when it comes to handling customers billing information. Through this we follow all state and federal laws which apply to the countries we operate in. We have been in business for 23 years and we handle around 150, 000 reservations each year.

    When we have a customer that agrees to buy a package we do our billing through Debit or Credit Card, since it is the safest way for both parties involved. Thanks to international companies like Visa, Master Card, or Amex bank transactions are made safe, convenient and fast. Keep in mind that if ever there is a false charge on your bank statement for something that you did not agree to purchase, your bank will investigate the circumstances and act accordingly.

    My suggestion to people that are faced with the dilemma of purchasing this package, is not to turn it down for the wrong reasons.

    If you have any further questions or comments regarding these offers, please do not hesitate to contact me at

    Thank you for your time.

  • Da
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I just received a call from The Sunset group. having never heard of them before i advised the gentleman salesman when he asked "how will you be paying today" that i would accept there brochures in the mail, but am unwilling to hand over my credit card number to someone i didnt know 10 minutes ago, and am unfamiliar with the credibility or status of there organization. He pushed on in a professional manner, trying so hard to convince me. I finally told him in plain english that he doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell of getting a nickle out of me over the phone, yet he persisted. I could hear him ruffling papers, obviously reading from a script in his continued attempts. His repesentation of the company was extremely convincing of there credibility, yet i had stone walled him one more time when he again had answers to every question i had. I then took "his" place in the sales and convincing end. I told him i am definetely interested, just call me back in 10 minutes while i call to clarify the organization you represent, i will have my credit card ready for you if all checks out. HE WANTED MY CASH THEN AND THERE, HE DIDNT WANT ME MAKING ANY CALLS TO THE BETTER BUISNESS BUREAU, NOR SNOOPING ON LINE. He became aggresive now, but i insisted he "call me back". "please call me back, my wife and i are getting exited about the trip already", i exclaimed. "i just want to call the BBB to check the companys status, check on line for complaints, and a couple other things" I then hung up as i could hear him now just short of screaming on the phone to me in a last ditch effort to stop me from checking up on them. Needless to say he didnt call me back, nor do i anticipate that the ### will, even though i illustrated to him how "exited" my wife and i were to to be going to Cancun, and for so cheap a price". The BETTER BUISNESS BUREAU has huge files on these crooks, and so many others have so much in the way of complaints to support and substantiate the remarks. "RIP OFF", is what it all is with these people, in letters. And they do it with a smile and i must say, much professionalism. STAY CLEAR OF THESE CROOKS !!!

  • Su
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    Just sent this to the apologist for Sunset Group:

    In case you didn't know, it's illegal to make soliciting telephone calls to a
    cellular exchange. Your company did so this evening and cost me 20
    cents. I expect that you will make good and reimburse me for the costs
    you incurred. If you fail to do so, I will do everything in my power to
    shut down your robots and boiler-room in California at 510-256-5869.

    Quite a pice of work, no?

  • Ta
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    i bought a timeshare last year from the sunset group and haven't had any problems so far. I did use my week in december. I had called the 800# to book it. It's a beautiful resort. As for the complaints above people should know that nothing is free. If you "win" something it's because they will try to sell you something in return. Timeshares have been in business for years. I personally like it as i don't have to stay at crappy hotels. I know what i'm getting here for my money.

  • Jo
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    I, too, have been deceived by the Sunset Group. I purchased a timeshare at Royal Fisherman last summer and was told that the five day grace period that would have allowed me to change my mind did not apply because I was getting the unit at a cheaper price. I was also told that the maintenance fee for the first year was waived. None of these things turned out to be true. I was told nothing about the RCI travel club that is needed in order to register a week at my unit. This has been a miserable experience and becuase of it, I doubt if I will ever want to return to Cancun again.

  • Fo
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    As i'm reading all these complaints i'm realizing that you all had buyer's remorse moreso than feeling like you got scammed. It's a business and salespeople are pushy. When you to to buy a car you deal with the same thing. They have to be extra pushy because vacations aren't deemed necessary (altho i strongly believe they are). I stayed at this resort and was approached to buy a timeshare but i knew that i couldn't afford it. When i can afford it i will buy from them but will make sure it's something that i can afford.

  • Ex
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    i stayed at the royal sunset and while they can be pushy they can't force you into buying anything. I'm not sure why people feel like they held a gun to their head. They willingly accepted. It's probably just better to keep it and work out a deal with them. My friend owns a timeshare there and she's had a problem one time and they helped her out. It's a matter of communicating with them even a few times a year since you have a business relationship.

  • Ta
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    So the only scam of this company is the timeshare part not the vacation package of destinations promised?

  • Ti
      7th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    The tmeshare industry in Mexico is taking almost a Billion Dollars every year from Americans and Candians. They are taking away their earnest money based on lies and misrepresentation. I have collected evidence to support the claims of thousands of people deceived from this company. Share this info with your general attorney, the Federal Trade Commsision, the Consulate of Canada and USA in Cancún as well as any government agency that you believe might be interested in putting pressure in the Mexican Government to stop these companies from scamming more honest people.

    Please visit this website (specially the video section) to know in detail how these companies operate.

  • Ja
      29th of May, 2013
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    It seems like timeshare scams in Playa del Carmen are the order of the day- I was ALMOST scammed by Royal Elite/Sandos Playacar. They convinced us to attend the presentation, but of course we just wanted the free gifts, but as soon as we said we were not interested, they treated us like garbage. My husband had to call the police, because they basically wouldn't let us go without signing the contract. NO MORE timeshares presentations for me. This is a forum with more complaints made to this company:

  • Ch
      3rd of Dec, 2013
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    I know how you feel, and it seems like this is a common problen in Mexico. I purchased a travel program through Sandos Playacar at Royal Elite Timeshare Resort in Playa del Carmen last March and I requested to cancel within the 5 day grace period but they still have not refunded my down payment of over $9000 US dollars. I have been in touch with people there and they say they are working the process but it takes time. It has now been almost 5 months and I am losing faith they will ever pay me back. This is another forum with more complaints about this company:

    I believe we should do something about it, as I understand Mexican regulations forbid the offering of gifts, free vacation certificates or any other promotion strategies without informing the consumer the specific purpose of the offer. I want to complaint with PROFECO about this, and get my money back

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