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We purchased a timeshare at Sunset Fisherman Resort after a grilling. We later however canceled within the five days right of rescission due to a bad feeling we had on how ethical this Sunset group was. We have yet to get our money back which is about $20,000. Now we are discovering how unethical they are. DO NOT buy a time share in Mexico.


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    Scammed2 Jan 30, 2009


    We were also ripped off by Sunset Group/Sunset Fishermen's. They oversold before Tres Rios was completed and after paying $14, 000 up front we were refused a reservation with 6 months notice! We are going through the motions with Profeco and SSG has been fined for missing the 2nd of 3 meetings that they mediate. Don't give up the fight and keep me informed please. Is a class action possible?

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    Bosede Racheal Omole Feb 14, 2019

    @Scammed2 Please keep me informed of any class action against them. They are real scam, raising peoples blood pressure after a short vacation to their Resorts. Please, what can I do to STOP MERIDIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC -DEBT COLLECTOR from harrasing me with a bill of $26, 307 that I did not owe SUNSET RESORT WORLD?

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  • Al
    ALF Apr 25, 2009

    we were also ripped off by the sunset group. we never thought we would ever be talked into something like this but they are very clever people in sunset royal and the sales team tell complete lies and you believe them as they seem so lovely. Our rep Israel Romao seemed lovely and we believed everything he said and its all complete lies so don't do it as its all a scam.

    We contacted our lawyers and are taking legal action against them. We never thought it would be so hard to get out of a contract when a company lies so much.

    Don't believe them when they say you can rent it back to them as this does not exist and they will take you to the new Tres Rios and this will not be in the contract when you sign it and you will not even notice.

    This company should be stopped by the mexican law. They actually tell you that they are governed very strictly by the law of Mexico and that they are not allowed to mis-sell. Absolutely crap. LIES, LIES, LIES.


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    too late wise Jul 13, 2009

    I have been trying to cancel my contract and receive a refund since Nov 2008 and like al the others, there is no reply or when you finally reach someone they tell you they will cancel but no monies will be returned. I believe $25, 000. is too much to pay for one lousy vacation and I am no longer financially or physically able to return to Mexico. I too was told that my purchase was an investment and would be purchased back at fair market value if ever I wished or needed to sell it. Not only are we losing all of our industries to Mexico's cheap labor, we are feeding their millionaires our travel dollars and draining our savings or retirement accounts. The stupid people are the ones north of the border, not south!

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  • Ca
    caseone Aug 03, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear that "too late wise". Have you talked to their customer support department? I have a friend that was no longer able to afford the timeshare and they worked out a deal with her. They seem to be helpful people and i heard they are probably the best resort in Mexico to deal with when it comes to timeshares. I hear the other resorts and scammers. You should try calling this # 800.961.5089. Good luck.

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  • Ch
    charlesIV Nov 01, 2009

    After reading all the complaints and checking other sources I am soooo glad I just said no to thier high pressure sales pitch. I feel I dodged a big bullet.

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  • Bo
    Bosede Racheal Omole Feb 14, 2019

    @charlesIV Lucky you!!! All the TIMESHARES ARE SCAM & BIG RIP OFFs. Another one is MANHATTAN CLUB, in New York.

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  • Ti
    Timeshare investigations Apr 07, 2010

    The tmeshare industry in Mexico is taking almost a Billion Dollars every year from Americans and Candians. They are taking away their earnest money based on lies and misrepresentation. I have collected evidence to support the claims of thousands of people deceived from this company. Share this info with your general attorney, the Federal Trade Commsision, the Consulate of Canada and USA in Cancún as well as any government agency that you believe might be interested in putting pressure in the Mexican Government to stop these companies from scamming more honest people.

    Please visit this website (specially the video section) to know in detail how these companies operate.

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  • Br
    Brittany Smith Nov 21, 2013

    Have you accomplished to get your deposit back? I purchased a Royal Elite timeshare last year and I'm having exactly the same problem, I was trying to get a final resolution working on my own, but I think it's time to file a complaint with PROFECO (The Mexico's Consumer Protection Agency) maybe you should do the same thing. This is a forum with more complaints made on these companies:

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