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Sundance Vacations / Sweepstakes

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I recently had an experience with a "travel" company in Brookfield, WI. After entering a contest at a promotional booth at the Milwaukee ZOO to win a "Free Ford Expedition or $50, 000" I received a call that I had "WON a trip to the Bahamas" and that all I had to do was come to the travel companies office and listen to an introduction to their company with no obligation to purchase and I would receive my free trip. Well my husband and I went to the office and listened to a intro and sales pitch that was quite convincing and seemed legit and reasonable. We were convinced during a high pressure sales pitch... which was like the most stresseful used car deal you can imagine..into purchasing a vacation package that included 12 vacations for $3600, supposedly anywhere in the US at one of this "whole sale companies Luxury resorts". I thoroughly read the details of the contract we signed and left feeling somewhat shocked that this company could offer such an opportunity.

Well, once home I went to the companies web site and did some research (which I later regretted doing after the fact). There were two lines in the contract that stated exceptions for additional costs and "Peak Season travel and Black out dates etc." Turns out these times are 80-90% of the year and the cost to use your trips at those times is significantly higher. The reviews all over the internet (except those testimonials on the companies website) all state similar experiences with a deceptive company that is legit and registered with the BBB, but scams customers by omission. I Cancelled my check to the company that night and made a call to their customer service department the next day, trying to clarify my concerns.

The woman offered me a cheaper deal on the vacations and tried to convice me that this was something that was "Good for my Family" I then told her to cancel my contract on the basis of omission of the facts about what the travel trips really included, or I would possibley have to take legal action due to the omission of the details and the invalid statements of the presentation, execution and wording of my contract. It wasn't until I mentioned anything legal that she agreed to cancel. I think that local comsumers need to know the details of the operation of this company before they walk innocently into their office thinking that the won a free trip. Please GOOGLE the company name. You'll find a slew of similar experiences. Fortunately I was able to get out of my contract before I lost any money, but others may not. My advice... "There Ain't NO FREE"... don't waste your time. Check out this thread..

October 16, 2008 by Elaine

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  • Wh
      16th of May, 2009
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    Well, everyone’s first mistake seems to be thinking this is something they have "won." We, here at Sundance Vacations make it vary clear that this promotional item is NOT something you have won. So you did not in fact win it, we offer it to everyone who fills out an entry form, equal opportunity; everyone has a chance to take it. You are simply asked to visit one of our local offices for 60 minutes, no longer, this is because we have presentations every hour, on the hour between 4pm and 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and if we were to keep you longer, it would conflict with our next showing. This is not a free item. At this time, May of 2009, we are offering a 4 day, 3 night cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines to the Bahamas for two passengers leaving from Port Canaveral or Miami, Florida, your choice. This is a $1200 package that my company, Sundance Vacations, is paying for, what you are asked to pay is simply the port charges, taxes and security fees, which totals $189 in the off season and $225 in the peak season. The only thing we ask of you is the 60 minutes I mentioned earlier, if you are physically capable of sitting in a chair and listening for 60 minutes, you will leave with the 2 travel vouchers. You don't have to buy anything to receive the cruise either. You aren't even required to have anything on you to purchase anything with; you don't have to have cash, check or plastic on your person when you come in. We are also offering 2 round trip airfares, these are absolutely free, simply because we purchased overstock of them and they work with our promotional item quite well.

    My second item of discussion is the fact that if you don't want to be called by us, you simply pick up the phone and say "Please, don't call me again." Ignoring the phone calls won't do anything unless you want us to call you back tomorrow or later on that day. We have a 'DO NOT CALL' list and you will be placed on it immediately. Of course we're persistent; of course our first response will be something along the lines of "Are you sure?", or "This is a wonderful offer!” something to get you to change your mind, but that is because that is what we are paid to do. Do you understand that in our job, yes, we are paid hourly, however that doesn't pay much, we make our money by booking you and you showing up. We NEED you to come into the office because if you come and sit for the 60 minutes, we get paid for it. That's a pretty small price to pay to help someone out, don't you think. You sit, view a presentation, are informed about our company, receive a cruise and I get paid for it. You know, to become a part of this company I had to sit through the presentation too, and all I got out of it was a ham sandwich, you get a cruise.

    My third item for you is something you should think about. Now-a-days, everyone has or had or will be a victim of fraud, therefore we should all be wary of where we write our names, our numbers, our addresses, and any other confidential information we don't want others to have. When you see a contest or a give-away, you already know they are going to want your contact information, to contact you should you win the grand prize, right? You are also aware that on the back of the card you fill out there is tiny print that you should read, tiny print that is legible and is written there because you were meant to read it. If we wanted to hide it from you, it would not be on there. READ IT. In there it says that in putting your contact information on this card you are giving us the right to contact you for any reason, not only if you win the prize, but for advertising purposes as well. Hence the phone call you just received.

    Lastly, I’m just going to put in my two cents (the rest has been factual information I think you should know). Why be rude? If you get a call from me, I’m very pleasant when you pick up, why don’t you do the same. This is my job. I did not come to work today with the attitude, “well, I wonder how
    I can piss the next person off.” I came in with the same attitude we all have when we go to work… “I need to make money today.” Make my job easier, pick up the phone when it rings, listen to me talk for just a few minutes (we have this thing called ‘talk time’ and you being on the phone for an extra two or three minutes adds up as the night progresses), and tell me if you’re interested or not, consider that you spending that hour of time with us will earn you a cruise and me my dinner, my bill payments, my kids clothes and my home.

    My name is Whitley Bailey and my extension at Sundance Vacations is 112.

  • Ma
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    well now im scared b/c yesterday my boyfriend got a call sayin that we won a free trip to the bahamas n that all we have to pay is the taxes.. and that all we had to do is go to a 1 hr sit down on saturday n then they will pay for our airfare... so today i decided to check it out n see the website n i ended up here!! if this is a scam im pissed cuz we were so excited we have been havin alot of hard times and we both said wow looks like things are finally lookin up for us.. but once again probably not... but we still just might run up there saturday neways and my boyfriend is about to call them.. i dont mind payin the taxes if its not to much but if it is than screw them... hate to say it but they r gonna end up pissin the wrong person off... n how do u go to bed at night knowin that someone is excited thinkin that they r getttin a free trip but then to screw them over... JUST BE HONEST!!! its not that hard... n im a nurses assistant so if they try sayin o well its a great vaca for nurses ill tell them to kiss my ### point blank!!!

  • Ja
      8th of Dec, 2009
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    I entered the Sundance Vacations sweepstakes (it was for a car) and I received the same telemarketing call but the telemarketer stunned me when she categorically contradicted all the Sundance Vacations Internet advertisements.

    The Internet is saturated with Sundance Vacations advertisements urging the consumer to enter their sweepstakes to “win” a “free” cruise. (The sweepstakes primary purpose is to obtain your telephone number to conduct telemarketing.)

    Obviously Sundance Vacations is deceptive and here is a perfect and glaring example of that deception, as copied directly from Google: “Sundance Vacations Sweepstakes / Sundance Vacations Free Cruise. Enter the Sundance Vacations Sweepstakes to win a Sundance Vacations free….” The Sundance Vacations web site clearly states: “Sundance Vacations Sweepstakes: Win a Sundance Vacations Free Cruise.”

    However, when the telemarketers call you they indicate that you didn’t “win” the cruise and that the cruise isn’t “free.” Red Flag!!! Rather, they state that the “promotional” cruise requires the consumer to pay taxes and port fees and is offered as an incentive to attend their sales pitch. Since you didn’t “win” the “free” cruise, you must attend the sales pitch to receive it. Red Flag!!! (From what I can glean they start out with a $15, 000 vacation membership and then they keep dropping the price to make you sign a NON-CANCELABLE CONTRACT THAT NIGHT!) Red Flag!!!

    Sundance Vacations has dozens of web sites advertising the potential to “win” a “free” cruise, but when their telemarketers call suddenly you didn’t “win” anything and the “free” cruise could be more costly than if you booked the cruise yourself without all the discouraging restrictions and blackout dates! As one blogger wrote, all those restrictions and blackout dates are designed to deter the consumer from ever using the “free” cruise! That reminds me of commercial on TV from allybank when the narrator says: “Even kids know an offer shouldn’t come with ridiculous conditions.”

    All things being equal the fact remains that Sundance Vacations advertises that the consumer can “win” a “free” cruise which is simply not the truth because you don’t “win” it - and it’s not “free.” That’s a bait and switch scam, plain and simple! Red Flag!!!

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