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I would like to complain regarding the service of your customer service. Not friendly, not giving me much choices, giving me hard-time and most of all bad service.

The first time i called at your customer service is to change my billing address from 1508 world trade exchange bldg. 215 juan luna street, binondo manila to 1310 3rd floor narra street tondo manila. The said operator gave me this reference no.: [protected]. Since then, i never received any soa.

After more than a month, i did try to call your customer service again. She told me to call again at 3am in the morning because your server was down. What kind of service is that? isn't it, she should be the one to call me back instead? it is not my fault that your server is down. Is she in her right mind to tell me to call back at 3am? she doesn't want me to go to bed and wait for your server? what kind of reasoning is that?

i called again today hoping this time it will be different! do you know what happened? your operator told me that the line is static when she knew my name. How can the line be static when i can hear her clearly? when i start to complain, she will tell me she can't hear me cause the line is static but if i am not complaining she can hear me. What the heck is that? i am just asking your operator to send me soa thru my email in order i can pay, but what did she told me? mam, can you call back again? can't your staff do anything once there was a problem arising?

i have globe, smart but never experience this kind of hazzle and disappointment. Whenever some problem arises (globe nor smart) they will accommodate until the said problem was solved. They will call me the next day once they failed to solved the problem.

I am the one who is making follow up of my billing in order to pay but instead of helping me out, they tried to annoyed me and give me hard-time. Is this really the customer services your good office can offer?

May 18, 2017

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