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Subway, Goldsboro, NC / unsanitary plus poor service

1 2601 E Ash StGoldsboro, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 919-734-2263

I will never go to this place again. I stopped by after work and within 3 minutes, I knew I would be placing a complaint.

An employee dropped the knife she was using to slice sandwiches. The manager took it from her and rinsed it at the sink — then gave it back to her. The water did not steam, so it clearly was not even hot, nor was there any soap visible. It was then used for another customer's food.

When my sub was done (Not using that knife — I was watching) I told the clerk I wanted apple slices and she directed me to the case. I found that every bag of them was 2 days past the date and looking pretty bad, so I grabbed yogurt instead.

When I was ready to pay, the manager was clearly trying to train a new employee. He could not find something on the register and she proceeded to berate and fuss at him for a good 5 minutes, saying things like "if you can't find it, how do you expect to do this?" so the manager tried to do it herself — but she could not find the key! Another employee had to show it to her.

I was forced to wait for them to play with the cash register for more than 10 minutes after being on my feet all day, and they never bothered to apologize, thank me for my business, or show any form of good customer service.

In the end there was a change in my order, and the manager could not figure out how to fix it. She wound up adding it on the receipt and using a calculator to figure out my the end, she did not even give me the receipt and I was too angry to do more than tell her about the apples. I honestly have no clue if she understood me because she kept repeating what I said as if I was speaking a foreign language.

To cap it off, while I was around the corner getting my drink, I could hear the manager talking about me and how I changed the order. Being in customer service myself, I am fully aware of how frustrating it can be when a change is needed, but there was no call for their lack of professionalism.


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