[Resolved] Structubepoor customer service when switching a broken product

R May 12, 2018

I ordered the Halima bookcase back in March 2018 from the South Edmonton Common Structube, and picked it up from the store on March 20/18. When I got home and opened the box, I noticed one of the shelves was completely broken off, and another one was very loose. I called the store right away and spoke with a woman, explaining what happened. She gave me the email to report the incident, where I sent photos and received a call that they would be sending me a new one. While on the phone I asked the woman if I needed to return the broken one now, while I still had a good-sized vehicle, but she said "no, we will switch it out when the new one comes". All of this was great, and I appreciated it.

However, on Monday May 7 I received a phone call and text message that my order PARS01SP010548 was in. I called Structube on Saturday May 12 to arrange a delivery and they said since I didn't have the first one delivered, I had to pick it up. I explained that I was under the impression from the girl I originally talked with that it would be delivered, and I had already thrown out the box, hoping to just put the broken one in the new box when it arrived. He again said no, he "didn't have the authority to authorize delivery since it wasn't originally delivered". I explained to him it was difficult to arrange a vehicle to fit it and since it was not our fault the product we picked up was broken, we should have it delivered. He then told me to come into the store to "talk about it more".

I went into the store the same day, but right away they just said the same thing, "No, it was picked up so we will not deliver it". Again I explained that I already threw out the original box, and it is difficult to arrange a vehicle large enough to fit it, but he still said no. I asked if I could then have a partial refund and just keep the one that I purchased and I would try to fix it myself. He said all he could provide me was 10% of my purchase fee back, or he could talk to someone from the head office. I asked him to do that, and he said he would get back to me.

My husband and I are very loyal Structube customers, we have many pieces of furniture and accents from Structube in our home and we are not people to complain, but we did not appreciate the customer service that we received in dealing with this. There was no understanding from the Structube staff. I have seen other companies provide delivery when their picked up furniture has come damaged. It would be difficult for us to get another vehicle large enough to fit the bookcase, pick up the new book case, and return the old bookcase with the box from the new one.

What we would like is the new bookcase delivered, and the old bookcase taken back. We do not feel we should have to pay the delivery fee as the original furniture came damaged. We really like our furniture from Structube, but don't think we will be going back if staff aren't understanding in dealing with situations like this.

  • Resolution Statement

    Provided with 30% return.

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