StructubeI have some suggestions!

To whom it may concern,

Since you are a very well-known store and carrying a very stylish furniture that attract their own type of customers, I have some suggestion for your management techniques to be improved since I love your stuff and I fell in love with your products which were offered in very competitive prices. I would care for your reputation to spend my time and to write this letter to you rather than making comments on your store’s review in social media and complaining about that there is an absence of leadership and trustworthy in store!
First of all, if there is a mistake in placing order, I would have apologized to my customer for the mistake has been made; rather than saying we cannot make a coffee table for you! Or we don’t know who made this mistake (means your costumers don’t have any idea what they have ordered or your customers are lying to you!)
Second, I would have offered something else to make my customer happy like another product which is available or I would have suggested we will keep our eyes on it to see if anything becomes available for you, to make sure my customers leave the store happily; rather than saying you should get your refund sine you are going to complain any how!
Third, I would have followed up with my client to show that we are caring about our customers; rather saying you have changed your order you need to wait for it!
Hope this email broaden your view regarding costumer relationships,
Shirin Okhovat

May 19, 2017

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