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Straight Talk Wireless / straighttalk lies scams and steals your money!

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States

Original request:

Let me start by saying that I have never in my life encountered so many problems with any service provider EVER! Over the last year I have been lied to, hung up on repeatedly, and been promised things that never came true. Your employees are by far the most unprofessional, unreliable service reps I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have read countless horror stories from customers like myself and today you will hear another one. Last year (May 2012) I decided to purchase one of your Samsung Straighttalk Flip Phones. Not long after purchasing, the phone itself stopped making and receiving calls. I was then forced to spend entire days on the telephone with your customer service reps only to be promised the issue had been resolved and find myself calling again countless days later! I was made to program hundreds of numbers into my phone for hours at a time! I was then promised 1 full year of service by a manager who lied to me in order to get me to complete the exhausting task of reprogramming the phone! Needless to say i received no more than 2 weeks of compensation on a phone that had cost me weeks of time and hard earned money! I should have sued then but i didn't. Now less than a year later I've encountered even more problems from a company I had been so loyal to... Last month (April 2013) I purchased a straighttalk sim card for my Iphone as well as an unlimited data plan. I called and had the cell phone and service card activated with no problems the entire month. Last week (May 2013) I tried calling to add more airtime to my Iphone and was informed, only after purchasing a non-refundable card, that the $30 airtime cards were not compatible with the Iphones and, that even though there is no mention of this on the card itself, I would need to purchase another card for an additional $45! This is an outrage to think your company sells items in Walmart that fail to mention something as important as this! Here i am again less than a year later being lied to and feeling taking advantage off by your company! But wait it gets even better! After argueing with management, about the false advertising your company engages in, I was promised my $30 would be upgraded to unlimited usage for the month due to this error on their behalf. After spending another hour on the phone I was told my account (which was just activated in the system 1 month prior) could not be found so therefore i would have to wait 24-48 hours for them to track it down and activate it! This is the second time i have been told to go without service in the last year and to me and so many others this is plain and simply unacceptable for a service I had already paid for! I was then hung up on by a member of management and forced to revert back to using my old Samsung Flip Phone for the next 5 days. 5 DAYS LATER: Today May 14th, 2013 I called back to straighttalk due to more problems I had been having with their service and also to check the status of my account in hopes that they had in fact located it so i could finally go back to using my Iphone with the straighttalk sim card and service plan i had purchased. Not only did the manager I spoke with days earlier never create a ticket before hanging up on me, they had no record of me ever calling or being promised cell phone service for my Iphone! Alast we are getting close to the end of my nightmare! I spoke with a manager who agreed to uphold the original managers promise to refill my Iphone service for the month! She disconnected my old Samsung Flip Phone and claimed to reactivate my Iphone. Alast had come too soon when dealing with straighttalk customer service reps! Hours after calling and being promised a working Iphone neither one of my phones were working! Can this nightmare get any worse? Im missing business calls and couldnt even call for help in the event of an emergency! After giving them hours to correct the problem I contacted customer support through email online. I was written back back by someone who would not leave there name stating in order to correct the problem I would need to call straighttalk customer service back on the phone. Did i really just email customer service and the only help they could offer me is to advise me to call customer service? What the hell is wrong with you people!? I will end this email with my phone number, sim card, and one simple question...Why would I ever want to do business with a company like yours again after receiving nothing but lies and empty promises despite my faithfullness to you? Scott


May 18, 2013

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