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Stimulus Check / Stimulus rebate ridiculous

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Very surprised to find that I'm not eligible for this rebate and this is simply because I filed joint tax return instead of separately. First I must make it clear that I'm a married permanent US resident with two kids born in US. I would have received $1200 return if I had filed separately my 2007 tax return by claiming two kids as dependents. Unfortunately because I included my wife, who has a ITIN, in the joint tax return form and according to IRS ridiculous rule, I was excluded from the rebate [because they filed jointly and one of them does not have a valid Social Security number]. This is not a stimulus plan, it's a punishment plan for many families like mine., , id=179642, 00.html.

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  • Ca
      28th of May, 2008
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    Stimulus Check - My family Isn't Eligibile for the Stimulus Check
    United States

    I am 22 and just graduated college . I managed to work full-time, go to school and pay for my car, insurance, ect...

    I decided to live with my parent to save money while I was in college. Because I was a student and living with my parents I was filed as a dependant and will not receve a stimulus check even though I made well over the required rate. When I look at the other people and other situation where a check is recieved, I feel denied my hard earned money. For example, someone who is uneducated, economicly unstimulating, and living of unemployment barly made $3, 000 a year will recieve a stimulus check. But a college student who lives at home will not. Receving the stimulus check would help me and other students pay for student loans, which would actually help stabalize the economy.

  • Jo
      28th of May, 2008
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    You use bad logic. Not everyone who is "uneducated" is economically unstimulating. School is for some but you live at home. My father is "uneducated" but is also worth 4 million investing in real estate and never went to college. The school thing is often a fallacy. Unl;ess your becoming a medical doctor or nurse or teacher dream on about being better then us...

  • Jo
      7th of Jun, 2008
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    Become a citizen. Quit harboring illegals . If you did these things you would have got a Stimulus Check.

  • Ja
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    I think its a bunch of bull. Like a car dealership. "You could get payments as low as 88 dollars a month!" But you go waste you time for it to be something like 300 dollars a month. The government should have cut the crap and been like "Youll get 300 a person. You could get more depending on hoe much taxes you paid last year." Instead of "Yeah! youll get 600 dollars!" I dont know of anybody that actually got 600 dollars myself.

  • Pe
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    Now I'm being told I won't get my stimulus check because I owe for a federal student loan that's not even in default!! Well, I'm going to pursue it until I get a satisfactory answer!

  • Ro
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    About that Economic Stimulus check

    When Our President pushed for every American to receive an economic stimulus rebate check he lied, but hey, where is the surprise in that!! Our President made the address and statement encouraging everyone to file for their 2007 federal income taxes to be eligible to receive their stimulus rebate check and the media then followed up to reaffirm the announcement. However this has turned out to be not so true especially for those whom had collected unemployment in 2007. I call this the Un-fair act or should I say Bush whacked because even though Congress approved it is still George W Bush who signed it. I made just under 8, 000 for 2007 but because I collected and went through my unemployment benefits which was just over $5, 000 I am being told that I am not eligible according to the IRS and Congress and this information was discovered after I contacted Representative Tim Mahoney’s office and spoke to his constituent liaison in Port Charlotte who had me fax my taxes to him through a release authorization, who’s office put me in touch with an IRS advocacy group who in turn investigated the circumstances. And finally it was Kathleen Mulgrave of the IRS advocacy group who contacted me with the information and unfortunately she didn’t offer any suggestions. I again spoke to Jay Malsky the Constituent Liaison for Congressman Tim Mohoney whom I pushed into giving me an email link and phrases to research information “economic stimulus payment” or “economic stimulus act”.
    However after going to the site and typing in the information given I discovered why so many people might become frustrated with the system itself and give up trying to fight back. Because when they are given links from the organization that presumably are trying to help them the information they find can only be read by lawyers because of the way it is outlined, talk about Holy Manipulation.
    I then contacted someone I am familiar with at the Charlotte County Behavioral Health Center. She told me that she has clients that have collected all of their unemployment benefits and have received their stimulus check.
    I am being penalized on a bogus excuse relating to my unemployment

  • Ts
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    They have failed to consider the fact that so many legal people also use ITIN's. It is like shooting everyone with a beard/headgear whether terrorist or not - now, isn't that hare-brained

  • Ca
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    I filed for the stimulus, but was told that I didn't have enough income and I had over a thousand dollars pension well aboved the 3000 mark. How do I get in touch with the right party THANKS Calvin

  • Gn
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    My husband and I are both legal citizens and qualified for the stimulus rebate. Guess who got it, though? His ex-wife. She already collects a huge monthly check from him, plus we carry medical insurance for their children that we can't afford, while she doesn't pay anything, and her husband makes more in a month than I make in a year, but hey, the government thought she needed the money more than us. How is that supposed to encourage us to spend?

  • Wj
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I have worked very hard for the last 20+ years I just got layed off you saying I don't deserve a stimulus check.
    Why don't you apply for a grant to pay off your student loan?

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