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Ordered a pair of Troopa boots.I'd been looking for a pair like this for a year.
Was super happy I found them. Ordered them. A week later, I didn't receive them so tracked the order online to find out they CANCELLED it. Without even notifying me.
I called them and they said the item isn't in stock. I check online and it's showing in stock. They say it must be a mistake. I jump on live chat and ask to verify.
They said they have 3 pairs and that they must have been returned between the time I called and went on live chat (so, like 40 mins? Seemed a bit off to me). He assured me they were in stock so I had them send me another pair. Order arrived...
Wrong colour. I checked and now they no longer have my size online. Great. I called, furious, and told them they better ship me the Troopa 2.0 boots in the colour I wanted and I will not be paying the difference.
The manager agreed and is shipping them out. I was told they are shipping them out immediately and I also was emailed a shipping label for me to send the wrong ones back. I wanted to ensure they are shipping the new ones out ASAP because I'm not waiting any longer on this. It's been about 3 weeks at this point.
I was told on live chat that I will have to send these back first. But yet on the phone I am told no, they are shipping out ASAP. The email with the shipping label says my credit card will be charged if I do not send them back within 30 days but when I reordered the boots originally, I was asked for my credit card as they "do not keep this information on file". I asked a rep on live chat to clarify as to how I will be charged if the boots aren't returned if my info isn't on file.
He was dodging the question and then FINALLY tells me they will take legal measures if this isn't the case. I won't be issuing a return until I receive the new pair, if that even arrives considering the countless hoops I've been jumping just to get a simple pair of boots. I guess I'll wait and see if they arrive accordingly. I'm tired of dealing with this company.
Their live chat support and call centre have completely different answers for everything I ask and I'm taken aback by their questionable business ethics. I will NOT be ordering from them again.
Oh, and their sale section online shows some boots at a whopping 1 cent off! Ridiculous.

Nov 21, 2017

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