Stein Martemployee complaint

I shop at Steinmart in Naples (pelican Bay in Naples) at least once a week. I am usually extremely happy with both products and service. There is one employee there that I've noticed is rude to other employees and customers. Yesterday it affected me personally. I was searching for a product that I'd seen the previous week. A very courteous employee tried to help me find it. After searching for a few minutes, she approached the rude employee to ask if she had seen the product we were looking for...the rude employee snapped "no! I told her that already!" I was too surprised to react at the time, but it's left me with an angry feeling. I had never approached her and she had never told me anything already. I love Steinmart and want to continue shopping there, but want. O thing to do with this employee ever again!!!

Jan 29, 2017

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