Stein Martdeceiving sales sign and refusal to honor advertisement

On january 8, 1917, I went to placentia, ca store due to the email I have on a shoe clearance. There I saw a bullboxer ashford shoe on the clearance rack for $55.95. I asked a stein mart employee and she confirmed that all the shoes in the top rack were on sale for that price. When I went to the cashier named trudy, she said the price was $61.98. She said haughtily "this is a bullboxer, I will ask to verify. " after verification, the person that verified it said it is $55.95. Trudy said why is it ringing up $61.98 to the stein mart employee. Then she said to me, it is $61.98, do you want it? Of course, I wont accept that price since two of the employees in stein mart said it was. Trudy is a white and not so friendly towards me. It is not the first time she has rang up my purchases. I noticed that her demeanor is more discriminatory. I am bring this up to the organization, because I felt discriminated today in your store. How can be two of your employees agree with the price. The sign was clear it was on sale. Both of the stein mart employees said it was. Trudy refused to honor that and that is discrimination. Can you let me know what are you going to do about this ? I like to see a resolution and give me that $55.95 sale price and the 20% off on top of that as advertised.
Glenn [protected]

Jan 08, 2017

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