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On Saturday, 29th August 2009, we stopped for lunch at the Steers just outside Kimberley at the Engen 1-Stop garage, just before the N12. Both my children ordered the smaller kid's meal with the piece of crumbed chicken (R24, 95). I have never seen such a small thigh in my life!! It must have come from a baby chick but certainly not from the usual size chicken!! It was also cooked beyond recognition, dry and hard as hell!! The only edible piece of meat that came off of this 'thigh' was about the size of my small pinkie finger. The manager apologised when we showed him the 'chicken' and he very kindly did not charge us for the kids' meals!! My point is this... Firstly, how can such a well-known and well-liked fast-food franchise offer such poor food quality to children?? Secondly, where are Steers buying their 'chickens' from?

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  • Yo
      Feb 11, 2011

    With a few exceptions the chicken you eat today is significantly larger than it should be. Chickens are filled up with fat, fillers, and hormones till they literally can not walk and often will starve because they are so fat they can't get to the food laying inches from them.

    companies like Nature's Promise offer normal size chicken, but for many of the Americans who are used to giant size portions they can not even recognize a proper portion.

    Combine that with the cooking times for these types of places are standardized and employees are not checking the food they are checking the timer it is easy to see how a normal size portion would quickly get over cooked. Resulting in an even smaller size portion that is dried up and appears to be such a poor quality piece of food.

    The most plausible reason for your food was as follows:
    Back at the chicken house, early morning, the workers come to pick up the chickens that are roughly 6 weeks old. They grab them quickly looking for chickens about 4-5 lbs, but somestimes they grab chickens that are smaller because it is dark and they are working through hundreds of chickens in a space that is barely big enough for the chickens to stand in. So to clear space they will grab smaller ones that are closer to the goal size. This gives them space to walk around and get to the bigger chickens that are 4-5 lbs.

    One of those smaller chickens found it's way to your kids meal. It was probably only 4 weeks old and why it was smaller in size then you are used to.

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  • Mu
      Feb 22, 2011

    Do steers support factory farming? Or do they get their chicken from normal farmers with proper meothods?

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  • Yo
      Mar 17, 2011

    Murren1, lol normal farmers are 'factory' farming. You don't think you get a 4-10 pound bird in 6 weeks because they naturally grow that fast, or that big, do you?

    As of 2009, the last time I checked the numbers, 78% of all chickens world wide were made using 'modern' methods... aka what you call factory farming.

    Close to 100% of all fast food and chain restaurant chickens are made/grown that way

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