Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesonly 2 servers/wait time/horrible service

P Nov 25, 2017 Review updated:

Went to the Steak and Shake at 1251 Strongbow Center Dr in Valparaiso, IN at around 5:45pm. Half the tables were still empty, but there was a wait to be seated and about 5 people waiting in front of us. After about waiting 10 minutes, a group of college-age guys came in and almost knocked over our 4 year old son as they literally shouldered their way to the front of the line and were seated within about 20 seconds. The staff had all seen us waiting--(both of the servers waiting on about 15-20 people)
I had to leave or I was going to scream and hurt someone.


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      Nov 25, 2017

    They may have had unexpected employee absence which resulted in short-staffing. In regards to the gentlemen that proceeded to the front of the line, is it possible that they had a reservation or had called ahead?

    "I had to leave or I was going to scream and hurt someone."
    I hope this is just hyperbole.

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