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This evening my family of 6 decided to go to Steak N Shake. As we walked in we noticed that most of the tables were full of dirty plates and garbage. It took the host a few minutes to figure out what table to seat us at since 90% of the tables haven't been cleared. After being seated at a table the waitress didn't stop by for another 12-15 minutes. We finally ordered and after taking another 30 minutes plus, to get our food, we noticed that the food wasn't very warm. The buns to the hamburgers were crumbling like they were stale. While this was going on the place wasn't busy but yet none of the tables we noticed earlier were being cleaned. More people were coming in and there was literally no where to sit cause of this. Kinda gross sitting around tables full of garbage. Not impressed at all. So after we ate we sat there another 30 minutes waiting for the bill...never came. We got up and walked to the register. Took another 10 minutes to cash out cause the computer crashed.. Worst experience ever at a Steak N Shake.
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Josh Kowalczyk and family

Aug 21, 2018

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