Steak 'n Shake Enterprisescustomer service / wait time

December 8, 6:01 pm, left exactly at 7. Male who took our order was EXTREMELY rude. Hub asked him to hold for a second so he could get our orders and when he started talking, guy blatantly said ‘I wasn't listening since you told me to hold on'. Proceeded to rush my husband through his order like we were irritating him. When we moved up a bit, overheard a female give attitude to the car behind us through the intercom. We then waited in the drive they just under an hour. Watched 6 cars leave due to the long wait. There were only 6 cars ahead of us. No apology, nothing. And to top it off, we were missing a burger. Never written a complaint before, but this one was needed. Please hire a whole new crew! This is the first time I was hesitant eating the food because I didn't know what they were doing behind scenes. Horrible!!!

Dec 08, 2018

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