Steak N Shake Atlanta and Ocalaservice

I'm a true steak and shake fan, my favorite is the old store in Daytona beach, that was until recently, I stopped at steak and skake in Ocala on my way to atlanta, service was terrible, it was about 330pm I was sat down as a single person at a 4 top table, it only took 15 minutes to have a waitress take my order, a patty melt for me, and a patty only for my dog in the car, the restaurant was at 50-60% full it's only took another 19 minutes to get my order minus the plain patty the wait at that point said I thought you were kidding and did not place the order, so I ask again for a patty only to be ready when I leave, ate my burger and waited about 15 more minutes to get the patty only and the bill, and was charged 3.89 for the patty, I shut my mouth and did not make a scene, Said it's a one time issue, so tonight my don daughter in law and grand kids said let's go to steak and shake I took a breath and said ok, and here we go again it's 7:14 it's at 60% capacity counting table tops with 9 open 4 tops it's took 16 minutes to get seated and once seated 12 minutes to place a drink order and at 31 minutes no sight of food, this is amazing, from my favorite fast food burger joint, I can't take much more

Dec 02, 2018

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