Stater Bros Markets / extra items found on your receipt

My wife was at the Slater Brothers Store in Cypress, Ca.
She was at the check out with about 10 items. The check out register was
the 15 items or less. She received her receipt and was wondering why it was so costly and noticed that she was being charged for 16 extra items!
My wife showed it to the cashier and she the Manager. When the manager
came over the they started to chuckle and he asked if my wife would like
to return these items? My wife replied that she never purchased these items. While the line is being backed up he started to deduct all the items.
They wanted to keep the receipt and my wife said no and left the store
with the items she purchased. Now you wonder how many other times we have been over charged or any other costumer's. We cannot trust our
local grocery store

Stater Bros Markets

Nov 21, 2017

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