Stater Bros Marketsdisgraceful

I just yelped this as I'm appalled...

We have been coming here for over 7 months now since we bought our Retirement home on the Lake and we mostly get checked out by a tall slim guy called Dan. My family have joked with him about him having the same name as my husband so he's easy to remember and have shot the breeze with him many times (we go there around three to 4 times a week). But today when I had left my wallet at home with my ID in it, ( i just had my ATM and credit card in my phone case) he would not serve me the alcohol I was buying. I thought he was kidding and I said, Dan you know me, You know my family, I've showed you my ID before. He looked blankly at me??? BTW. I'm 44 and I look 44. I reminded him that he's met my 23 year old son and two teenage girls and he looked at me blankly again. OMG! really???? Are you kidding me? I was very polite but said look at my wrinkles Dan, we've joked about this before. Again Nothing. I always go out of my way to be extra chatty and nice to Dan as he really doesn't have an outgoing friendly personality. Anyways, He called the on site manager who didn't even bother to come over and talk to me, a loyal customer who spends hundreds of Dollars a week there. but Dan doesn't tell me this until he rings in everything and the lady packing the bags asks for him to pass the alcohol to her to pack and he says rudely, We won't be selling alcohol to "this person." today. I was completely shocked and the man behind in the line was like "are you serious Man?" to Dan the forgetful checker. I was mortified, The lady packing the bags was very apologetic as she knows me and we talk about our like for Champagne every now and then. Meanwhile, Dan says, Sorry, that's just how it is at this store. WOW! What a disgrace, if I Looked 25, 30 or 35.. I would understand but I don't and this guy sees us four times a week on the average week. Horrible, Awful customer service by him and especially the store manager who couldn't be bothered to even come talk to me. Talk about your all time bad MANAGEMENT. We are respectful people who retired to this area and this is just not right.

BTW. I was there on 1/30/2017 at 10.45am

So I have decided to shop at Jensen from now on due to the Management and Dan at Stater Brothers. Not that Stater Brother's will give a care in the world.

Thanks for nothing guys and for no appreciation for loyal regular customers.

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Jan 30, 2017

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