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StateFarm insured motorist hit my car from behind. Statefarm denied my claim because they said i changed the lane and came in front of the lady that has statefarm. What other possible excuse can you come up with when you hit someone's car from behind. Insurance adjusters are not willing to pay my claim because they are saying their insurer was not at fault. How can you be not at fault when you hit someone's car from behind ? Where is the common sense. I hate statefarm and i will be all of my friends who have statefarm to cancel their policies.

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      Apr 14, 2010

    Contact the CEO of StateFARM...Mr. Rust...just to get this documented that you have tried to resolve this issue...because all that office is going to do is refer you back down. Then request that all concerns or complaints mailed to you...Do to the fact they are suppose to keep records of this information. After that file a complaint with the BBB and (your state) Department of Insurance you can also contact (your state) Attorney Generals office (consumer protection). If this does not work contact an attorney and just get the attorney to write a letter. Make sure you keep records of all expenses that you have occured due to loss (work, bills, offsets, etc...) Just the letter from the attorney which should be free can make a dramatic change.

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