State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company / sending me quotes based on numerous conversations, then trying to run my cc for more than my quotes.

Clackamas, OregonClackamas, United States
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I contacted State Farm Ins. Ryan Paulson Agency in Clackamas, OR. I spent several days going over my insurance info. including wanting a policy for a new home I am building, and coverage for 4 auto's that we own. I asked for full coverage at the same rate of coverage that I already have with another company (Safeco), but since my current company left me sitting on the side of the road for over 4 hours, and I purchased an additional New auto, I was considering switching companies. I contacted State Farm and we went thoroughly over all auto info. including my husband's info and the policy #'s etc. we currently have with Safeco. I compared info. from two other companies I researched, one of which did not offer the coverage for my "home under construction". The agent I had been dealing with(Spencer, at State Farm), who had sent me over the final quotes with the coverage's we discussed over several days, then asked for my payment info. I asked him to go over the charges again one final time, and he said they were exactly as my quotes that he sent over via email stated. I gave him my cc for the entire amount of auto and homeowners coverage's (of which I chose higher coverage's than the minimums). After a few minute's he called me back to tell me that he needed to run the card for $58.00 more than my quoted paperwork. I asked him why, and he said it was his mistake and that the difference COULD be due to him quoting me with an umbrella policy discount, that we had supposedly talked about over the phone and he said he was looking at when he quoted me! I told him that our earlier conversation did not include any discounts or premium quotes, as I said I was not interested in an umbrella quote or insurance at that time. I asked him to send me information showing what the additional $58 was really for, as my quotes showed no mention of what he was saying. He then said he could not send me anything as that could be considered fraud! I told him I would not authorize him to add the additional amt to my card without seeing what it was for. I asked him to have his boss (Ryan Paulson / Owner) contact me as this was very disturbing. Mr. Paulson did call me saying that he had not yet "looked into it" yet but said it could be. I fully explained what Spencer had told me, he said for me to follow-up with Derek in his office from then on. I called Derek Foster, also in his office with 19 years experience, and requested copies of quotes for Ins. and Derek then said my Homeowners policy was now $55.00 higher than my quote!! I was very upset now and again asked him to send over the quotes reflecting what he was telling me, he then asked about a 2012 claim that was showing up on the acct. and I acknowledged that I had a small claim for a gate/guardrail 5 yrs. ago. Then Derek said it MAY be that the rate on homeowners had gone up due to that claim. I explained that Spencer had told me that the Auto Ins quote was up $58.00 and now he is saying my HOMEOWNERS quote/rate is now increased $55.00. I again asked him to SEND OVER THE QUOTES IN WRITING, and to ask Mr. Paulson to call us, since I did not hear from Mr. Paulson as he stated he would contact me early this a.m. (it's now 1:15 p.m.), and still no call from Mr. Paulson and no copies of quotes have been sent over showing the higher amounts they are wanting to charge on my credit card !! I have been shuffled around now by 3 different people in this agency, and I have spent several days doing my due diligence on choosing the coverage I feel I need... only now I sit and get nothing. I want this agency exposed for playing the shell game, and trying to charge higher than quoted rates on cc. I did not choose the insurance for the cheapest rate, I spent a lot of time and chose better coverage's, to meet my needs. IS THIS WHAT STATE FARM DOES, TO ACQUIRE HIGHER RATES? IS THIS NOT FRAUD? I have my documents that were sent to me by this agency reflecting valid rates. I have not had any accidents, I gave all info. requested, including my spouses info. and was told both of us were rated for coverage's on my quotes. Then AFTER the facts, they want to run higher amounts on cc and allude that it MAY be due to a previous very small ($1500.00) claim from 5 yrs. ago. SHAME ON STATE FARM. State Farm Ryan Paulson Agency IS NOT a reputable business. WATCH OUT!

Apr 28, 2017

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