State Bank Of India [SBI]amount has been deducted my account but not received cash in sbi - atm

After Enter Amount in ATM Machine it is running and automatically restarted with in 5 minutes but not received amount 10000. Message is came amount deducted. Another Transaction after machine is running Enter 5000 amount machine is running and automatically ATM Machine shutdown but not cash received again message is came amount deducted. Kindly recovery my amount Rs.15000/- as early as possible.
Account No. [protected]
Mobile No. [protected]
ATM CARD NO.[protected]
ATM ID. S10K001195011
Txn# 4086 & Txn# 4087
Amt. Rs. 10000 & 5000
Date: 04-05-2017, Time is nearly 8:29 am to 8:37am.

May 04, 2017

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