State Bank Of India (Pbb Hauz Khas Br. A-15, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016 / Delayed Handing over of Form-16 for submission IT department

I have a SCSS A/c with SBI PBB Hauz Khas BR, ND -110 016, A/c no [protected]. The (Form 16) TDS certificate for FY [protected] has been provided by the Bank to me only to-day(19th Aug, 2009)!! While last date for IT submission was 31st July, 2009!!. Total tax deducted Rs.9272/-. I am a Retired person. Who will pay for my double taxation?? Because the return has already been submitted. This is absolute calousness, inefficiency of the Branch staff. Can I have an assurance from the so called authority of SBI that this kind of lack of client service would not happen in future??

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