StarHub / worst customer care


Starhub worst! Worst! Worst! Customer service

I have been noticed many times when we call customer care it takes minimum 15 minute and above, and sometimes it takes more than that and disconnected.
Seems like starhub do not having enough customer care consultants in place and that’s why it is taking long waiting time to address a customer problems.

The fact is i’m starhub customer since last 10 years and experience this kind of ill response since last 4 years.
My recent experience - my mobile line was suspended as I failed to make payments, reason being to as I was in overseas and overlooked payment.

I accept that it’s my fault.

Once I made the payment and I called them to activate from overseas, they committed that line will be activated in 1hour from then.
But even after 1 day it was same dead line. I called up customer care from overseas again and it took 15 minutes to answer my call.
I was told that my line activation is still in-progress and same response 1 hour from now will be activated.

Omg how long they process a line to activate???
Practically I spend money to call from overseas for line activation, is more than activation charges.

Seems management is not monitoring and care about customer satisfaction.

Feb 26, 2014

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