Starbucks / disrespectful (drive-thru) employees

Chesapeake, VA, United States
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I’ve been a starbucks customer for close to 15 years. It is a fact when I say that I have never had any issues until recently or within the last five years. One incident, over the many, drove me over the edge. I ordered a iced venti coconut green tea latte. I was handed the drink with clumps of powdered tea. For those that drink green tea, if not mixed well it is bitter and not satisfying at all. I asked the young lady in the drive thru if they could re-mix the drink well. She was not too happy with my request and took the drink and began moving it around and around. I expressed to the young lady that I could have done myself. That I wanted my drink well mixed. She looked at me and with a mocking and accelerated voice said, “you want your drink mixed, I will make you a new one. Is that what you want? Is that what you want?” I was appalled and honestly did not know what to do with myself. She had the audacity to call for a supervisor. I shared the situation and the fact that what I asked was for my drink to be re-mixed, not remade. She tried compensating by overly apologizing and tried refunding my money. I asked her to keep the cash; however, did ask for general managers contact # and will be reaching out to corporate. For the last five years the starbucks industry has become shaded — from “you are welcome” and /or “my pleasure” to “sure” or my personal favorite “ahm.” ahm, what does that even mean?! And from “may I help you?” to “what do you want?” not only am I disturbed by the way the corporation has allowed this to develop to begin with, but the lack of concern as it remains. The reason I pay for overpriced coffee in the first place (was) because of the amazing service I (use) to receive. Still trying to determine if coffee is worth a headache…not sure if i’d go back to starbucks in the near future.

Jan 24, 2017

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