Starbuckscappuccino viente

I switched from hot chocolate to the viente cappuccino. I went about six times in a week s time frame to four different locations. Each and everyone has given me a half cup to three fifths of a cup of liquid and two and a half to three inches or more of foam. I feel I am being shortchanged when I am paying out over five dollars for a cup. When questioned about it your employee said you know a cappuccino is suppose to be mostly foam and I should change my drink to the latte. I have had cappuccinos in past and never have I had almost equal shares of foam to liquid. I pay well for your drinks and expect to get my moneys worth! I would like you to speak with employees about this theft of money and I feel as if I am entitled to a refund or vouchers for two to three drinks for your theft of my drinks! Thank you for your immediate attention, sondra c perrone 7143 akron rd, lockport, ny 14094

Jan 31, 2017

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