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I mailed a package from Indiana to Arizonia second week of December 2009. Delivery date was 24 Dec 2009. The package was sent UPS through Staples in Goshen, Indiana. The package never arrived. Traced the shipment and it shipped to a distribution point in Illinois and returned to Goshen, Indiana the next day. Went out for delivery at 4:00 something in the morning and was never heard from again. Spoke to UPS several times, the last I was on hold for 43 minutes! They inquired on the box contents and I felt like I was in a police interrogation. Same questions over and over. Eventually I was told that Staples would pay the claim within 10 days. Last I heard from anyone. On January 27th I called Staples. They told me I needed a receipt showing I shipped it through Staples. Thats right Staples wants me to prove I shipped it through Staples! After 38 minutes on the phone, now I'm told they need a receipt for every item in the box before a claim would be processed. They had already called the destination address to ensure it was never delivered. So much for the great UPS tracking system. Later the destination was called and informed it was lost. Absolutly rediculas. Still have no resolution. Each Staples manager I speek to tells me another will be in contact. Do yourselves a favor, stay away from Staples. Thier customer service is non-existant! I guess if you run a customer around long enough, they will get tired of sitting on thee phone for hours and just give up.

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      2nd of Aug, 2010

    I dropped a package at their Waltham MA store for UPS to pick up. Two weeks later the package was reported lost. It turns out the package was collecting dust on the floor of the copy center because no one was trained well enough to slap a label on it and get it on its way. My friend was out hundreds of dollars because the CDs in the shipment did not reach him in time. The store refused to refund the declared value ofthe shipment even though the responsibility for the "lost" package rests squarely with Staples.

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