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Complaints & Reviews

refund problem!

I purchased a scanner at my local Staples store on 12/13. The store personnel couldn't figure out how to...

poor service, late product

Staples - Design Services

On Monday, 10/22/07, 5:00pm I placed an order for brochure design work at Staples located on Sunset Dr. Ocean Plaza Shopping Center, 1100 Highway 35, Ocean, NJ 07712. I was given a turnaround time of 24 hours.

At 10:00AM, Wednesday, 10/24/07, I called in reference to my order. I was told that the order was placed on Tuesday afternoon. (That's 24 hours after I placed my original order) Furthermore, I was told that they didn't know when the proof would be complete but it should be available sometime on Wednesday. At 1:50PM, I stopped by the store to get a definite time in hopes that I could have some brochures to give out at my 6:00PM meeting and maybe enough for a weekend convention. I was told that the proofs for the brochure and cards would be ready at 7:30PM. When I asked why are they were so late the clerk told me "because I had to submit 20 designs in two days". At that point, I retained by original scratch designs and called customer service. Customer service called the store and spoke with the General Manager. The G.M. told customer service that I had just placed the order on Wednesday. (Wednesday morning I presume.) What!!! The Customer Service agent then proceeded to tell me that I just placed the order today and that it would be ready at 7:30PM. My response was that the earliest I could review the proof then would be Thursday morning. I then continued to press the agent to file my complaint which they eventually did.

My overall rating of this Staples' print and copy service would be a 2 out of 10. The service was poor and the product was late or not delivered. And lastly, the outright lying by the General Manager of the store was inexcusable.

Staples advertises a 24 hour turnaround after the Graphic Artist receives the job, but they never tell you it could be close to 48 hours before they submit the job to the G.A.

I hope this helps the rest of you. I have to go now and try to keep $2500 from going into the waste basket.

buyer beware - at least at this staples!

Just wanted everyone to know that Staples DOES NOT stand by it's 110% pricing policy. I brought an add from another store within 2 days after I purchased the same item at Staples. They matched the price, however the woman manger stated that Staples discontinued it's 110% price refund a few days earlier. Yet it was clearly displayed on the counter by the customer service register. When I questioned why the sign was still up, she said she was too busy at school to remove it. I than told her I wanted to return the item and not have them match it. I left the store and purchased at Office Depot.

I emailed Staples this past weekend on this matter and I have received no reply either by email or phone. Great communication?

Just wanted you to know - buyer beware - at least at this Staples.

By the way - this 110% price return is still displayed on it's website. I won't know about the store - I will never go back to one.

  • Tr
    T Rogers Dec 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is spooky how this exact same thing happened to me...2 years ago. The only difference is that when I questioned it to the manager I was speaking to (had to ask to talk to this very rude person), the pizza faced high school kid beside her grabbed the 110% sign and tore it off the display! I was completely amazed.

    Thanks for sharing. I regret not sharing my story when it happened. Staples is a horrible company. I now order from Corporate Express. They are a respectable company that actually cares about their customers.

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  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Corporate Express = Staples as of early 2008.

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  • Gl
    Gloria Kohler Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Woman Manager, is a GREAT and FAIR person. She definately knows her business and Staples's policies. In fact, before this Manager was at the West Hazleton store, I had her as a Manager at another Staples in Allentown, Pa. TRUST ME, she is Extremely Fair and very knowlegeable and I have learned a lot from her. For Personal reasons, I'm no longer working for Staples but I still do work in the Retail Business.

    If a customer has a problem or question, they can do one of several things to get it resolved and ALL these things are listed by the Service Desk and also posted thorough out the store. Here are some things (1) call the 800 phone number to Staples Corp. in Mass (2) send an email to their Corporate Office (3) have a REASONABLE talk with a Staples Manager and I know that there will be an equal settlement for both the customer and the store.


    The Manager is a Great Person. Don't "run her down."

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  • Le
    Lennie of Drums Sep 08, 2009

    This store is a definitely a few tacos short of a combo. I have had one too many "poor customer service" issue with this store as well. I purchased a Sony mp3 and elected to purchase the service guarantee that the teenage sales associate offered me. When the time came around and I needed to take advantage of the service warranty, turns out my purchase did not qualify! Why the hell offer it to me in the first place? This store and their management sucks.

    0 Votes
  • Po
    pongo1 Sep 03, 2011

    the stores hours are to be to 9pm this one closes around 845 how wonderful- then they say they dont carry something but on line they say the store has it what gives?

    0 Votes

extended warrantees at staples are worthless

Staples in Canada, Kingston ON to be exact.

The extended warrantees at Staples are worthless. I purchased an Acer laptop there about a year and a half ago (buying an Acer was my first mistake). Within the year, the screen went. It was sent back to the manufacturer and repaired. A month ago, while it was on the extended warrantee, the screen went again. I was told by the Staples Warrantee department that they would need my computer for at least two weeks. I told them that I used my computer in my business and could not do without it for that length of time. They offered no help. They would not provide me with a loaner.

I ordered a Dell laptop. Once it was received and set up, I took my Acer to Staples. After a week, they called to inform me that it would cost more to repair than the current market value of the machine. They offered me $554 in store credits and they will keep the computer. As all I need is a monitor, I have turned them down and they will send it back. Pathetic.

An important note that Staples never mentions is that the warrantee is refundable. If you take it in, they will give you the pro-rated amount. I would suggest that anyone with an extended warrantee do this as soon as possible.

  • Pa
    palmtree1 Jul 18, 2010

    First off, expecting a loaner is a little much, second 2 weeks is pretty fast considering the amount of repairs they do. Lastly, the product replacement plan you bought can only be refunded within 14 days of purchase.

    0 Votes
  • Un
    UnsatisfiedCustomer1001 May 28, 2011

    I absolutely agree with you. I wish I read this complaint sooner. I got an extended warranty, and when it crashed and would not start up again I sent my CPU in for repair. The "EasyTech" guy hooked it up to a diagnostic system (that obviously does not read every problem) and said it was not a hardware problem so I would have to pay for a software problem. I was like okay; fair enough I didn't read the fine print. He re-installed all the software thinking there was a virus or something on my computer. Two months later I have a full system crash all over again with the same error message and problem starting as before. I knew it was the same problem. After I had brought it in he realized that the fan stopped working on one of the slots and the video card slot was melting. I told him that this must have been the problem all along; he however did not want to admit he made a mistake and his mistake cost me over $200. I refused to pay an additional $100 for additional repairs, but the warranty expired two weeks before I brought the computer in the second time. I tried to plead with the warranty office telling them that it was an error on the side of the technician; they are calling it a new problem that occurred after the repair. Now, I am throwing a computer I loved into the trash. :( The warranty office sided with their fellow Staples employee, and I have to pay for the technician's incompetence. There is no way to prove I'm right, the man from the warranty office said so himself. When I spoke to the technician again in the store he said I didn't have virus software that's why my computer crashed, when I corrected him and told him I did he said it must have expired, when I corrected him and said it was still covered he said Norton Antivirus is not foolproof (which it is not), but the fact that he changed his story three times tells me he probably didn't even check for viruses as a cause of a system crash. He just assumed that that was the problem. My guess is that the system was crashing when it was overheating because the fan was slowly breaking down. I want to break an 'easy button' and force Staples to remove the 'Easy' from the "Easytech" that they coined as the title of their useless technology department. I could have bought a new computer for the amount they wanted me to pay to repair my computer, and I would be $200 richer.

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  • Mc
    mcrick1023 Feb 09, 2013

    I bought ink cartridges from staples that are expired and returned the box to the store, they expect me to return again for a third time, I expect them to mail them as i am spending more in fuel than they are worth(56.33). I'll buy on eBay from now on $5.90

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staples rebates is a rip off!

Staples and H.P. ripped me off... on the purchase for a computer bundle in 2004. The offer was for a "rebate" of $ 100 dollars. They couldn't locate anything pertaining to my purchase... but sent me spam about my new computer. I blocked their site from my computer and will never set foot in Staples' store again, as far as H.P... the computer has been very reliable but doubt if I will ever purchase another H.P. product.

I won't buy anything with a rebate.

Best regards,

  • Le
    Lesnar IX Oct 26, 2015

    One, transaction history can only go so far back. Is it really the store's problem you couldn't find your receipt? What were you expecting a freebie?

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staples, that was easy?... get a new slogan!

Being a long time customer and a huge fan of Staples, I was greatly disappointed at the service which I received this past weekend. Whatever happened to the courteous customer oriented service of the past? I had a recent death in my family and I was in dire need of printing out 400 copies of funeral programs. I phoned the Staples in New Rochelle and they informed me that they couldn't have it done for another 24 hours (Ok, thats understandable, atleast he was being honest). After calling the Staples on Sanford Boulevard in Mt. Vernon, I discovered that I could have my copies the same day. I rushed over, dropped off my disk, and was informed by the young lady at the copy center that my programs would be ready between 6 and 7 pm. I told her it was important, so she noted that they would give me a call when they were done. At around 8 pm, I assumed they probably forgot to call me. I was wrong. They forgot to make the copies! (They discovered this after walking around in circles for an hour). When I asked why they weren't made, I couldn't even get a straight answer, let alone an apology! Don't employees have to go through training anymore? (and how do you forget to make copies? I mean you work in the copy center, what else would you be doing?) Atleast have the decency to give me a call and let me know there was a problem (if there even was one) so I can make other arrangements. Is there no one there that can take the initiative to do that? I mean I'm planning a funeral here. I'm not saying my work isn't as important as the next guys, but it's a funeral for crying out loud! They couldn't even get the copies done till the next day, after the wake! Thank God Kinkos was able to finish my job in under 2 hours that same night. My confidence in Staples is shot. They obviously have a long way ahead of them in terms of fulfilling customer expectations. Wish I had an easy button.

false advertisement, empathetic and caring attitudes

I am sending a formal complaint to all available avenues that I, a customer, has witnessed regarding false...

staples.com gift cards are not usable

I went to a Staples store to purchase a toner cartridge, they did not stock it in the store. No biggie, they...

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