Stanley Steemer Internationaltile floor & grout cleaning

I contracted the Kingsport, TN Stanley Steemer to clean my porcelain tile & grout in my kitchen and then my limestone tile and grout in 2 of my bathrooms on1/26/17. The service men were pleasant and careful of our wood floors - no problems there. We paid $464.67 for this service. Prior to leaving - my husband noticed that the grout in our kitchen was not clean so your service person offered a further service of painting our grout with a sealing primer - we contracted to have this service done on 1/30 for additional $500.00.

Once they left - I noticed that EVERY TILE in our kitchen was in fact as dirty as when they came in addition to the grout not being cleaned. I am in the process of HAND Scrubbing EVERY TILE in our kitchen with a Mr. Clean eraser to get the built up grime and dirt off that your commercial for your tile cleaning service advised that they take care of with your floor steaming service. I am half way completed with my hand scrubbing.

Additionally - I was somewhat pleasantly surprised the next morning as about 50% of the grout worked on the previous day was in fact cleaner than the day before. So now in addition to hand scrubbing my entire kitchen - I am faced with the task of cleaning 50% of our grout in the kitchen - ALL THE WHILE AFTER PAYING $464.67 FOR YOUR TILE AND GROUT CLEANING SERVICE.

In view of the fact of such a poor cleaning job - I cancelled the additional call we had scheduled on 1/30. If service was so bad after paying $464.67 why would I be stupid enough to pay an additional $500.00 for possible more bad service.

Having said all of this - our bathrooms look phenomenal - I am so upset that my kitchen floor is still a big mess.

I am very dissatisfied with your tile cleaning service and would never recommend your service.

Beverly Landes

Jan 30, 2017

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