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I am a former employee of the Stanley Steemer branch in Indianapolis. This company needs to be investigated as far as how the pay their employees. First, we are not paid by the hour, like most people think. We are payed on a commission basis. I started as an assistant to the crew chiefs. Meaning my percentage of commission Is 10% on each job. But there are exceptions. If a customer calls for a redo, I do not get paid for that even if it is a job that I wasn't even associated with. I could in some cases have to do the job completely over, no matter how long it toke to get done. We do not get paid for the times we are in the van, which is generally the majority of the day. Also, the rampant racism and misogyny was out of control. I am not disgruntled but I could no longer take this environment anymore. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone, especially a labor board to investigate their business practices. I hope someone with clout will read this and do something about it. It can not be legal what their doing. [protected]

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  • Th
      7th of Oct, 2012

    Hello I do work for that Company, I do agree what you are saying about the pay, we do a lot of night jobs we may not get overtI'me pay but this is where they should Pat our back. after a days work driving Crissy crossing 10 hour day drive home to drive home then back to shop to go clean a restaurant. here's the thing Stanley steemer charges 200.00 dollars me and partner do-it. My share is maybe 20.00 hI'm 25.00 then u take taxes gas out we make maybe 12.00, all I'm saying make it worth our while. Also we cleaned another job. the bid was 954.00 dollars our or my take was 90.00. we ran 2 vans took about 2 hours, with 3 people. OK here the catch when we looked at what we got paid it was 60.00, the owner said that they took there share which was he said 350.00 give or take which left us 650.00 give or take they said they were being nice at that/ so our percentage was off of the 650.00 not the 950.00 like it was suppose to be, at this point me and my partner have got great reviews from whom we had cleaned, so once again a chance to Pat our backs take care of us of the fine job we have done. BUT THEY DIDNT. Also what they did would like to know is it legal.

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  • Ta
      20th of Oct, 2015

    I am a current employee and feel the same way.. I am trying to figure out what to do about the overtime pay because we only are getting paid half time instead of time and a half.. Did u ever talk to someone or have any info that could help me out?

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  • Jo
      22nd of Oct, 2015

    Totally agree! So sick and tired of doing free work! Estimates, redos.. all sorts of crap. Not to mention we drive alost 2 hours away from our shop to get a job with NO PAY FOR DRIVE TIME!!!

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  • Jo
      22nd of Oct, 2015

    They are rip offs aND don't tread their employees the right way. Not getting paid to do estimate and and redos that aren't even mine! Not to mention driving almost 2 hours away from my shop and not getting back till 7 at night due to driving alone. On top of it we don't even get paid drive time!!

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  • No
      2nd of Feb, 2016

    Yeah the labor board for "half pay". Sounds like you got a sexist, racist, hitler of a owner, which makes sense. My owner didn't even pay us overtime for almost 5 years from 2008 to 2013 till those people got sued for being their employees. It's sad but for this I know they are going to hell. I made this company over a million dollars in my time with them and for what? No benefits, respect, or even a thank you. Stanley Steemer, I will let you know why you're going to end up like Blockbuster and Circuit City sooner rather than later. You underpay with no incentives for employees and that creates (no loyalty or care towards your brand or the service that we provide). What do y'all not get? We are the face of the damn brand, not your call girls. I held a sales add-on average 98 for over 4, 000 jobs and what do I get? NOTHING. I haven't got a raise in over 8 years and someone who went to school to and has been there less than 2 years gets the manager job. Not to mention he is a cult activist who damns his employees in his private church services at his home (wish I was being). Just is dumb that you continue to allow this to happen. Everyone at my company is miserable including my manager. It starts from the top and how you as a company allow your Franchises to be run by a bunch of unethical guys, that apparently lack friends. You have nothing but bad reviews from most people, unless they were in your office positions. Wake up and smell the coffee.. Service Master is about to own you.

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  • Sl
      10th of May, 2017

    Judging by these reviewers writing skills, I'd say they probably need to go to school. These type of jobs are not intended for a career. First, the pay scale is low and second, it takes a toll on your body. It's meant to be the interim job while you learn a real trade or skill.

    Running a business like SS is very costly. For the average $200 cleans, the profit margin is around 20 percent. That means, in simpler terms for those above, the owner is making around $40 after all bills are paid. Now, take that same branch and put it in California, and it becomes probably around $30 a clean.

    Key word here is interim. This is not a place for a career.

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  • Du
      21st of Nov, 2018

    At spokane stanley steemer we get paid hourly with over time over 40 hours, we have a chance to make more with commission crew chief 12% and assistant 10% on scheduled, but we only get commission if its greater then our hourly, any additional services crew chief gets 20% and assistant gets 13%, and if your solo you get paid more hourly no comission chance on scheduled because it will take you longer to complete the job but you do get commision on additional services. # spokane, tri-cities, and medford franchise owner.

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