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Stanley Steemer / Unproffessionalism, and poor customer service

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I hired Stanley Steemer to clean my carpets, and air ducts for my central air conditioning. While here, the crew broke the door leading to my attic and just electrical taped it back together. They also reinstalled eight of the nine air vents upside down so that the air blows up to the ceiling instead of down into the rooms. While cleaning the evaporator coils, they clogged the condensation drain line causing it to overflow and spill into the garage. When I contacted the company to get the damage fixed, I was approached and handled with attitude. The manager of complaints, Manuel Nava was very rude and unwilling to help me. When he finally agreed to come and inspect the damage, he told me that he would call to let me know before he came. Not only did he not bother to call and let me know when he was coming, he showed up early. As a result of him not calling and giving prior notice as to when he would be coming, I did not have time to turn on the air conditioner and give it time to build up condensation and leak. While inspecting he again gave me nothing but attitude. Stanley Steemer and their managers were unproffesional, unknowedgable, unhelpful, rude, inconsiderate and way more. Overall I was very displeased with their services, and I would not recommend going to them.

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  • Ed
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    I do not have an experience with their technicians, but I do have experience working with their corporate employees and they are just the same, rude, and nothing but attitude. There is serious corruption and instead of dealing with personnel issues in a constructive manner there are too many people there worried about covering their collective butts that nothing gets taken care of and good people suffer daily for it. Rather than suffer, they leave, the company may have been around for a long time, but they are not a good company to work for. Treating employees like a pile of crap is their motto it seems. You are supposed to be grateful you have a job as they threaten you with the poor job market. They trap you in salary ranges by writing you up right before your yearly review is completed. They find anything they can to write you up for and when they ask you to explain yourself regarding the fabricated write up and you try to defend yourself, you are told you only getting defensive and told to "shut up". One minute of weakness and they know they can prey on you. They like to promote people that are not experienced nor should they even be aloud to manager other people as they cannot manage themselves. Yet the people with college degrees sit there, wasting away, un-promoted, and wasting their talents away. They would rather make themselves look better and know that they are not worthy of their own position so they are scared to promote someone that deserves it because they are afraid that person may do better then them, so they stifle them and fabricate lies about their work performance. They nit-pick their work tell them they are worthless and "a dime a dozen". Groups of people gang up on your if you show any weakness and then if they are threatened by you they do all they can to make you as uncomfortable as possible so that you will quit and then they can deny your unemployment. This company should be investigated by the labor board because if you aren't a suck up, a corporate butt kisser, or are truthful they do all they can to make you quit, or try to fabricate reasons you should be fired. I've never worked in a department that was so vulgar with their language, jokes, discussions, but quickly turned the offenses they committed around and claimed someone else did it and let that person take the fall for them. They allow someone with only a HS diploma and in their early 20's rule the roost and take whatever they have to say as the golden rule, and the other one in charge cannot use the English language if her life depended on it. "I don't get no..." and "That aint...", both phrases that are not only spoken, but also written in corporate emails. They need to go back to the drawing board with this company.

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