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hno 16, sec 23, gurgaon, gurgaon, India
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On 31st december 2015 I had spoken to a customer executive from standard chartered bank card: request no provided by standard chartered card: [protected] where I was told excess amount of 3978.28 on my 4 blocked cards, and detailed exess as below:
Excess amount rs 994.57 on card no: [protected],
Excess amount rs 569/- on card no [protected]
Excess amount 1420.14/- on card no [protected]
Excess amount of 994.57- on card no [protected]

I again spoke to standard chartered card helpline: complaint no: [protected] (Given by standard chartered bank): 5th december, with below excess amounts on my cards blocked with standard chartered bank.

I will like to report the case of lack of vigilance and poor fraud prevention by standard charered where for 3 months I ahd to identify and fight with merchant, a nd standard cahrtered bank did not provide any help to me.

I plead for help from banking ombudsman and would recommend friends and readesr to always stay away from standard cahreterd credit card
- which dos wrong calculations and custoemr care tells you different data and stories
- because my acrds wer blocked in early december and pe 31st december update I had access of 3978/-, so what bluff standard chareterd did to not give me excess for the cards.
- ater I w as told by custemer care that I am send one draft but till date I have not eceived any draft from standard chareterd bank.
- is highly insecure credit card
- harasses customers and very hostile
With so many credit acrd options only fools will opt for standard chartered credit card and so I applied to close my cards and my relationship with standard chareterd bank, but it has been 2 months and I have not received any closure letter from the bank.

13th january: I received a call back from standard chartered bank executive, I asked her to send me closure letter and 4 drafts for excess in the card;
She told me that my accounts is setteld without paying me; standard chartered executive started cooking some stories to avoid paying the excess amounts, and finally I told that give me my account closure letter (Hard copy), though I already have closure emails from standard cahrted card services;

I am writing this to get closure letter for my relationship and my 4 cards... Though I have received email from standard charetrde bank but I want a printed closure letter.

I am complaining this matter to banking ombudsman if standard chartered does not issue me account closure letter as soon as possible.

I request banking ombudsman to help on my case of standard chartered bank fraud.

Jan 26, 2016

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