Standard Chartered Bankcustomer services handling is poor

I am Malaysian and now residing in overseas, there are few matters I overlooked as I was busy preparing my wedding in overseas. So I called the Customer Service Line from overseas to update my new mobile numbers and also my email addresses, they promised to call back within 3 working days and also via email but till now almost 2 weeks, nothing.

So I decided to call again to find out what is going wrong, they start telling me that they are call center and they cant do much. How am I supposed to go to the nearest branch to do the updates, Hello... why not they tell me in the beginning and rather let me waited for nothing. Wasting time. Other International banks have no issues on updating the contact numbers and address as long they verify everything is correct, at the same time they even send a mail as a notification that there some changes been made to the permanent address to confirm.

I hope Standard Chartered Bank will do something about it and please customer is always right, services comes first. I will never let anyone know that I was one the x staff from Standard Chartered Bank, so shameful with all these incident occurred.

Apr 14, 2016

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