Sprintunethical behaviour

On january I was speaking to the representative from the sells department who offered me i-phone 6+ for $12 a month, and tablet for $10 a month for two years with contract, I agree to the contract, however the line cut off so I decide to go to the nearest location
Located on 2151 white plains rd. Bronx, ny 10462. The manager of that store helped me with the upgrade, I told him about the deal I was about to receive then he decide to give me the same promotion but instead of tablet he offered me the mini pad and I phone 6s for the same amount every month (I pad -$10, I phone 6 $12) we start the process, and I must say that he was very nice and really did everything to please me as a costumer, after 2 hours when all was signed he told me my bill will be high for 2 month until my plan will update and I should not be worried I can comeback and he will fixed it for me, I left the store very satisfied and happy. Then the first bill came with the amount of $187, so on 4/9/17 I decide to go back to the store to lower my bill as I was promise by the manager, I went there and the manager of the store totally ignored me and put someone else to help but the other person had no solution for me, he just told me to pay $100 and to call sprint costumer service to get an extension until it will be resolved, then he gave me the manager business card and told me to come back on thursday 4/13/17, I couldn't make it that day so I went on the next day 4/14/17 after I found out they cut my service because of that high bill that I was not willing and cant afford to pay, the manager was in the back room and one of the ladies there try to help me with that at first she was nice but then she tern to be rude when I asked her about the bill and if she can help because I was charged regular price on the I pad and the iphone, this lady looked in to my contract and told me that the manager was wrong to give me that promotion and he made a mess he was not to spouse to give me the high speed internet and the I pad is $11 and not $10 as he promised, she also told me that she will try to help with that plain and she cant promise ill get that plain and the price I was promise by the manager, I asked her what du mean by that the manager did that with me and I sign a contract with that plan, she responded with attitude saying that the manager is a human and he can make a mistake (I understand that part but sorry he had time to look over the contract and check if there is any mistake) then she did something on the computer and told me that they will call me in 48 hours to let me know the result, I agree with heavy hart after I paid the $185 for march. My service didn't restored until I called sprint and they give me more time to figure out what's going on with my bill, I waited for two day to receive phone call from that store but it never happened at all. I try to call the few time to see what happened with my case but no answer, I felt very iterating with that so I decide to go on sprint fb and send message in order to get help and resolve it but the couldn't help me or the sprint costumer service on the phone. The store claimed that I didn't approach them at all with that problem, as right now my bill is very high specially for the month of april about $200, I have one line and I pad. I am not willing to pay my bill unless ill be promises that ill get credit for all that payment ill make and made correct to the contract I sign. Please try to help me and do something about the lie and unethical behavior that I received from that store service. You can reach me on [protected] zafi headely email : [protected]

May 09, 2017

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