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We were using sprint as a cell phone provider for 18 month and were very unhappy with both coverage and customer service. We had 5 lines unlimited everything with phones provided by sprint. After our "promotion" suddenly ended one year earlier than promised and bill jumped up $60, we decided to switch to different company but keep our phones moto e4 we were leasing from sprint.
Sprint customer service representative over the phone requested $224.95 for the phones to be unlocked which we payed on 12/26/2018 with the promise to complete it within couple days. But when we called on december 29, different representative said it was no request to unlock the phones and demanded another $172.46 for another monthly payment which included extra $30 for the phones to keep.
On january 4th we finally received 4 emails that 4 out of 5 phones were "successfully unlocked", nothing about 5th phone. But when we went to different providers we discovered that our "unlocked" phones do not work with any other service, not just because unlocked or not unlocked phones but because sprint uses different operating system. At&t ant t-moble stores, which both use moto e4 for their services could not use our phones, we have videos to prove that
Trying to resolve the problem, we spent another several hours on january 5th on the phone with different sprint representatives switching us one to another (id # for request is [protected], have recordings of conversations with batha, victor and robie). We asked to return not usable phones and receive money back but were told that it would take several days to"lock phones back" and "customer relation" representative will call us then. We specifically requested a live call, not a recording on answering machine to finally finish the process (have recording of this conversation also)... Not only got a recording while we were at work, it was in foreign language.
On january 25 we received another bill for $69 for services which supposed to be canceled on january 5 (cancellation confirmation #[protected] provided by robie). Noah from financial services switched us to matthew from order support, who switched us to mag from account services... After more than hour conversation (most recorded including on hold time) we ended with (hopefully) reducing the bill for not existing services by $65 and the statement that nothing could be done about not working phones because "our lease was already ended, and for some sprint customers unlocked phones did work with different providers", after that call was dropped.
Sprint representatives either are highly unprofessional or, most likely, trained very well how to run you around without any solution and hold on every bit of money they received from you. They refuse to send any confirmation (e mail, text) of what was discussed during the phone conversation, stating the call is being recorded and they will put notes on your account, but when you call next time there is nothing in notes after hours of being on a phone rather than you made a call and recordings are not accessible, so you have to start from scratch. After several long conversations with no result, I started to record conversations on my end. Here is an example of how it works:
- I ported out 3 lines out of 5 on january and line 4 on january 5th on january 5th around @ pm I called and canceled the whole account, all 5 lines got a confirmation #[protected] from robie and was assured that I do not owe anything for services (conversation recorded)
- january 24 received another bill from sprint for $69 for the 5th line which for some reason still was active. Called on january 27th around 2.30 pm and after hours of conversation (see above) ended with mag, who admitted that it was a mistake, "adjusted" our bill by $65 and dropped the call (conversation recorded)
- yet, at 10.30 pm on january 27 on live chat with ashley, sprint live chat supervisor, I learned, that there are no record on the account about adjusted fee and I still have to pay $69 for still active line (have a transcript of chat)
Sprint representatives requested to pay upfront to end our lease and unlock the phones but they failed to inform us that unlocked phones will not work with any other provider because of difference in operating system. Now they refuse to return money because lease was already ended (according to mag) or go with company with same operating system (none)- according to ashley. That is a deceiving practice of professionals, who supposed to be well aware of this operating system issue, of getting customers money and leave them with not compatible to anybody else
"successfully unlocked" devices., let alone charging customers for non-existing services.
On a live chat with ashley on january 28 at 10 pm I requested sprint representatives to review my phone conversations, especially from january 5t and 27 and contact me to resolve the situation. Here is her response"i've successfully submitted your request. You may keep the confirmation # [protected] i've escalated the issue to right department and i'm positive that they'll get this fixed asap." from the copy of transcript I have. No call so far, just another automated e mail that I owe $69 due february 10…

Jan 30, 2019

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