Sprintkey liquid screen protector

J Apr 16, 2019 Review updated:

I purchased the KEY Liquid Screen Protector at the Desert Hot Springs Sprints March 23, 2019. Using the product information provided by KEY I tried to log onto the their web site and was unable to do so. I tried to do this many times.

After a couple of weeks of frustration I called Sprint and was told that Sprint actually covers the 1 year warranty, not KEY. There is no way for a Customer to know this from the product materials as the KEY warranty card does not to refer to Sprint anywhere.

This is very confusing and misleading.

Sprint says I'm covered however they are unable to provide me written proof of its guarantee to replace the KEY warranty. As such I am still unsure who will cover the repair of my screen if the screen cracks.

Given that tens of hundreds of thousands of units of this screen protector were sold and are being sold under the KEY name and warranty, shouldn't Sprint insist the manufacturer correct the product information card, and shouldn't Sprint also reveal such at the time sale?

This confusion merely wastes mine and your other Customers time in attempting to register the product and as well as breeding confusion later when the warranty is needed.

Please request Sprint take immediate steps to correct the confusion to all those, including me, who spent Full Price on the product, and those who are still considering purchasing the product to reduce or better yet eliminate any confusion and to avoid possibly litigation for misrepresentation.

I look forward to written confirmation from Sprint regarding my screen warranty and request all others who have purchased this product through a Sprint store or online also receive a similar written clarification and full and correct explanation of their coverage.

Jeffrey Dickman, [protected]


  • J
      Aug 13, 2019

    I was sold liquid glass screen protector at the Sprint store. The sales rep applied it. I have yet to be able to register the product online. I keep hitting one snag after another. The worst 50 bucks I ever spent. This is nothing but a scam.

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  • P
      Nov 07, 2019

    Been waiting since September to be sent a refund check for the $210 sprint charged me to replace my screen. SCAM. Save yourself.

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